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Awakening to the nature of ever present


Self-System Wholeness Approach is an experiential, awareness-based system to

conscious creation (I), and universal dialogue (we) to unified realities (it)

with co-generated wisdom of the collective whole (its).


My name is Kirsi Mäkinen

Founder/creator of experiential, awareness-based system to conscious business leaders, practitioners, facilitators through 4 instruments of practice: conscious creation (I) and universal dialogue (we) to unify conscious and unconscious, inner and outer realities (it), mind, heart, spirit and soul for the co-generated wisdom of the collective whole (its) with 4 directions of growing-cleaning-showing and awakening of a selfless being in service for the whole.

I am the bridge between times and the field liberating creative potentials, realizations, recognitions, and fun and play of the later state-stage development, facilitating emergence of whole and holistic experiences of what is and what could be, uniting their passion and inquired purpose to operate as aware vehicles for equitable and ethical emergence of the collective whole and deliver evolutionary, presence based practices uniting the whole being with joyful co-existence with all creation.

I help you to inquire and reflect how to become aware of being aware and being awareness of awareness, to walk your talk, embody the arising experiential wisdom of the whole of who you originally are, evolve and awaken repeatedly as aware presence, integrate, and dissolve the self-system and unify capacities through 4 directions of growth and 4 conscious instruments of being. Learn more from this site and sign up to my free course and downloadable materials.



Rock Maze

Growing Up Self-Inquiry At 4 Stages

Practice Dissolving Yourself First

What to learn:

  • Discover, what might you not know about yourself, and your meaning making?

  • What 4 directions of practice are necessary for dissolving the resistance to transcendence and consciousness transformation.

  • What one dilemma can transform all relationships of you, the others and the whole humanity when integrated?

  • Practice growing up your individual perspectival self, while noticing how your wholeness also evolves the same time through the systemic interpenetrated reflection practice at 4 stages of inquiry, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5

About 1 to 1,5 hours of material.
Videos 33 min.
The course assumes that you have stage-awareness already.

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