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Awakening to the nature of ever present


Self-System Wholeness Approach

is a series of personal and group practice programs, workshops and consulting with evolutionary principles to awaken awareness to itself at every tier, and every stage, eventually to realize Whole Self and Undivided Whole through the illuminating mind.

Welcome to my site

Kirsi Mäkinen
Founder/Inner Alchemist of Self-System Wholeness Approach


I am a passionate independent scholar of cutting-edge science, philosophy, and consciousness for 14 years, creating whole being based experiential practices to transform consciousness with timeless approaches to help individuals and collectives to resolve suffering and persistent dilemmas to creative evolutionary and life supporting, sustainable solutions as a teacher, coach and consultant.

I am an originator or Awakening Wholeness Path, Philosophy and Practice to spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders and inner work practitioners developing their interior wisdom and wholeness to deeper realizations and transforming them to exterior strategies to midwife more humane change in their environments. The path is available as online courses and programs.

I recommend starting from my online programs and free materials and to contact me for further information.



Awakening Wholeness

To Illuminating Mind

To Liberate Resistance To Transcendence,

Realize The Whole Self And The Undivided Reality

Personal and group practice programs online.


Becoming aware of whole being development to

harness the ever-present wisdom of your interior wholeness with creative leadership and spiritual entrepreneurship.


2 X 2 Hour webinar course

March 5th 2024

March 12th 2024

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