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Awakening to the nature of ever present


Self System Wholeness Coaching, Facilitation and Problem Solving Approach to Conscious Creation, Healing and Integration of Self, System, Shadow and Spirit

Evolutionary Purpose

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Self-System Wholeness is liberating the whole presence of individuals, organizations, and societies to allow the emergent unfolding of human consciousness by facilitating effortless transmutation processes of passionate problem solvers, choosing to work on their whole being and to take inspired action to foster equitable, ethical and joyful co-existence with all creation.


Start from here!

Self-System Wholeness Approach is a life practice technology with complementary integration of the Eastern and the Western ways to look at life, themselves, human evolution and consciousness.


Start with the short video teachings in YouTube to become familiar with the concepts and core structures, processes and dynamics of the the frame to prepare yourself for a more holistic, creative experiential practice later on.

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