Healing and Integration of
Self, Shadow, System and Spirit

Self-System Wholeness

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The Well of Wisdom and

Creative Wholeness

Unfolding Infinite Creation

Principle of Creative Wholeness

Timeless regeneration of integrated healing systems within systems of systems.

The Self-System Wholeness refers to inclusive, ever-evolving coherence of all of life and it holds  responsive dynamics underlying the infinite unfolding of the self-system. 

Self-System Wholeness transmutes human experiences to conscious processes, to a liberated presence and to an infinite beingness where the inner knowing and wisdom of the original wholeness comes together with the outer experience, seer and seeing interpenetrate, awareness of awareness becomes identity and the self-system is aware of itself, its own self-organizing and self-transcending capacity.


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Self-System Wholeness Approach is a nested system of unfolding structures based on Cognitive Science, Eastern Philosophy, Vertical Human Development and tens of other methods, theories and approaches. It is created to facilitate infinite natural unfolding of human consciousness as an inner instrument to learn, grow, evolve and adapt into. As adapting the universal principles, owning your power and healing the wounds, your being and presence becomes a tool.

A living system like a human being, organization, society or an ecosystem are self-organizing by nature. The principle of creative wholeness contains  receiving and active powers of creation in a dynamic relationship with one another. Together they mutate the self and other in a co-creative instantaneous inquiry, liberating insights with assistance of intuitive sensing and feeling. This process transforms human consciousness and liberates the original life force (chi). 

We are working with individuals and collectives as self-organizing systems. Every individual is part of several collectives and every collective is in relationship with individuals and other collectives. Together they make a system where self-organizing principle brings flow, evolution and change as adapting, but if the desired adaptation fails, dysfunctional patterns can show up.


The perceived boundaries limit and liberate each other dynamically transforming the whole system again and again. Self-System Wholeness Approach helps to heal and integrate the shadows and trauma, facilitates the liberation and flow of awareness and embodies the creative active power to regenerate the whole endlessly for the collective transformation through individual expression.

Healthy people grow up healthy children, lead with integrity and grace, act from secure attachment style, and live aligned with nature as it is (becoming again and again).

Individual Programs

Full Spectrum Wholeness

Heathy Future Generations and New Civilization

Healing our Future: (our children and our grand children)

Present moment: By focusing on the now we can heal and integrate the unconscious past and act more responsibly for the emergent future which is creation from the source of whole humanity.

Healing our Unintegrated Past (our parents and out grandparents) 

Healing Past Generations and Ancestral Lines


A Vertical Lens

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Vertical development is about how people, organizations or societies evolve their consciousness throughout their lifetime. Self-System Wholeness relies on Terri O’Fallon’s Stages Theory to refer to the levels of development.

Our vertical approach is a guide that  helps to build, heal and integrate robust individual consciousness. Self-System Wholeness Approach is specifically leading people and organizations to heal the shadows at second person perspectives, transform the third person capabilities deepening into fourth person integration and embodying the whole presence at the fifth person perspective.  Life is a continuous movement of consciousness and so is change. By following a co-creative process of infinite and innate transformative forces, we don't need to think of how to change, but to prioritize liberation and allow the flow...in time we embody the creative wholeness.

The Well of Wisdom and Wholeness

Seeing through the illusions of reality, consciousness becoming into being

Dynamic, creative intelligence between seed and potential, connecting separate parts to each other facilitating organic growth and manifested reality through individual presence.

The process integrates our individual system and cosmic intelligence through body, soul, self and spirit, healing the shadows and re-attuning our inner instrument where the inner and outer worlds can come into communion.

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