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 Conscious Creation, Healing and Integration of
Self, Shadow, System and Spirit

Self-System Wholeness

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The Well of Wisdom

Creative Wholeness

Unfolding the whole being

Becoming Embodied
Instrument of Chance,
Creative Wholeness


A living system like a human being, organization, society or an ecosystem are self-organizing by nature. I call them self-systems. Wholeness refers to all inclusive, ever-evolving coherence of all of life and it holds responsive dynamics underlying the infinite unfolding of the self-system (you).

Self-System Wholeness Approach is a conscious inner transformation life practice process, experiential technology on how you (your body-mind) transforms into a fully liberated self-systemic instrument of presence, awareness of awareness over time.

While transforming self, you also learn, use, change and re-create your own sense of universal principles that sustain all life and evolution. You upgrade your perceptions, being and presence continuously that leads you to bridging the internal and external worlds of human experience and realizing the pattern of change which becomes your embodied instrument of wholeness presence over time.

This endlessly unfolding awareness based capacity brings perspective and lenses for leadership, coaching, facilitation, complex problem solving and consultation just to mention few examples.

To resolve “systemic problems”, resolve your mind and body first, then see, if there still is something to resolve!

You don’t need to know if the problem “out there” is true or not.

All you need to know whether you are true, whether you know or don't know!

Conscious systemic problem solving is a creative practice where you practice unknowing, living with uncertainty and unknown, becoming consciously aware of awareness in the moment by learning to navigate your whole consciousness, body-mind to feel and make sense, inquire and wonder to gain insights that open new worlds, worldviews and realizations that lead you to realize more permanent ways of being and presence...resolving yourself. Core capacities evolving are:

  • Embodied knowing

  • Trusting uncertainty and not knowing

  • Conscious awareness and witnessing

  • Self-reflection skills and mirroring

  • Being and presence

  • Unfolding experiences

The previous are not small things, they also bring a lot of other awareness, skills, capabilities, realizations with them and you become more and more of who you originally are. You learn to navigate complexity and uncertainty as consciously as you can with the best qualities you have while developing emergently with every experience you gain. This kind of emergent practice makes your personal evolution fast and deep at the same time, but also the issues you work on are resolved more easily, faster, sustainably and you evolve you general problem solving capacity as awareness and objectivity grows. This is a practical Western version of Eastern meditations.

  • Consciousness based complex problem solving

  • Non-linear unfolding practices

  • Individual and collective Creative Wholeness operation space.

  • Timeless, emergent, dynamic-dialectal and relational context to apply in all experiences.

  • Shadow work

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Creative Wholeness Life Practice & Conscious Problem Solving

Creative Wholeness Life Practice is like meditation without traditional kind of meditative practice. It’s also contemplation, allowing you to reach your expanding qualities of consciousness. Creative Wholeness Practice is to facilitate being and presence in the moment, dissolve “problems”, dysfunctional patterns and experiences preventing presence and integrates self-systemic wholeness to liberate endless creative potential that we all share deep in our consciousness.


Creative Wholeness practice engages whole human system, awareness and is adapting to your individual level to receive it, use it, embody, and own it in your own way and integrate it into your whole being by becoming the practice itself, consciousness.

Creative Wholeness Life Practice is experiential technology to bridge consciousness, unconsciousness, and practical everyday life situations regardless context and still at the same time Creative Wholeness gives a relational context to explore all your experiences and play with the principles of the conscious universe to update your experience again and again actively or passively. What is recognized by your whole conscious system, does not need more theory or validations from the external world…you just know with your own first hand, direct experience how it is, this is embodied knowing.

In Integral language

Self-System Wholeness is a growing-up and cleaning-up based life practice, that shows-up all the time when you act the new emerging being (you) out in the world for something bigger than yourself. The life practice evolves towards more and more self-realization (waking-up) over time, where the whole self-system (you) becomes more and more aware of itself. Unlike waking-up practices based on wisdom traditions, Self-System Wholeness Approach also bridges the state and stage experiences aiming on permanent outcomes in consciousness transformation, leading your practice from unstable early state experiences towards more whole, holistic permanent stages of being/development. This means that you learn be more aware of the structures, processes and experiences you have, work on them and with them to integrate or liberate the existing forms of consciousness and who you believe you are and giving space for self-inquiry and the new being arising.

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Individual Mandala presenting personal practice structure.

Inspired by Ken Wilber's Integral Theory, Terri Fallon's Stages Theory, Nishad Dubashia's Diamond Model, Yin, Yang and Jung.

Increasing and shifting individual consciousness

Self-System Wholeness operates through out the whole AQAL model from the upper left, 1rst person perspective. We always work on our direct individual experience to transform consciousness over I, WE, IT, ITS perspectives and BEYOND through internal and external practice to bridge our inner and outer worlds at personal paradigm. We upgrade perceptions, presence and perspectives continuously at body, mind, heart and spirit/consciousness dimensions.

The practice is focused on inter-intra relationship within self and with others and objective mirroring back to you. To put it other way, when you are being yourself (having a direct experience), "the world" will give you feedback. This bridging is very efficient and over practice, also effortless, process of integration to any learning, leading to permanent changes in consciousness, between states and stages.


This practice gives birth to an healthy ego (awareness), increases awareness, systemic and relational understanding, resilience and resourcefulness, and teaches you to live aligned with universal principles with all of life, without attachment to any objects or experiences, of which you practice upgrading your embodied awareness continuously. Over time, you let go of egoic processes within mind more and more and your being and presence transmutes towards increasing awareness, and awareness of awareness. The practice gives an answer for the dilemmas and the resolution of the meaning of life (crisis).

This is a senior practitioner work for those who are familiar with Integral Theory and adult development. If you are new to growing-up or cleaning-up practice, I recommend a natural evolution and integrating the practice to your everyday life, your life situation and becoming aware that some levels of development are more beneficial in certain life situations than the others and aiming on higher and higher just for "awakening" may not be wise and not purposeful either in your personal situation. Depending on where you are when starting, I suggest at least 5 years of persevere practice, which you can support with Self-System Wholeness coaching, participating on regular group practices and trainings, non-dual meditations and sentence completion tests.

Why do we need a holistic, integrative life practice?

When talking about systemic problem solving, we all already now that there are global unresolved problems that need more human attention and conscious intention and commitment in resolution. How do we face the existential threats on earth, climate crisis, poverty, inequality, polarization, wars and other globally and locally manifested “problems” or dilemmas which we as human collective have not been able to resolve? The challenge is not just “out there”, it is “in here”, in our own minds and capacities to see, understand, feel and give enough meaning to issues pushed away or taken for granted to be able to realize that it is “us” people on earth, who are responsible to reclaim parts of us to transform own reality perceptions to include the “problems” as well. This is not a blame for anyone individually or collectively, it’s just one hard problem to address for all of us to participate in the transformation. That takes both internal (human consciousness) but also external work in the field.

To change the world “out there” we need to change the world “in here”. From Self-System Wholeness perspective, each individual and collective is a complex world operator consciously or unconsciously. You are not only a learner, you are also your own teacher and every action you take or leave untaken, every word you say or leave unsaid is a participatory act, and we all need to understand our freedom and responsibility in this invisible play of consciousness and how “the world” starts to look like with every choice we make or don’t and how all this comes in question of our individual potential, wholeness as beings, inner wisdom available for each of us, what is the role of awareness there and  what real responsible freedom looks like. Yet we are just people, trying to live as beings of our era as products of our era and creators of our era, conscious or not. We are not perfect, but good enough to accept the incompleteness for not having a final answer, but emergently upgraded one. The systemic unfolding starts from healthy people who can lead with integrity and grace, act from secure attachment style and live in harmony with the nature as it is.

Full Spectrum Wholeness

Heathy Future Generations and New Civilization

Healing our Future: (our children and our grand children)

Present moment: By focusing on the now we can heal and integrate the unconscious past and act more responsibly for the emergent future which is creation from the source of whole humanity.

Healing our Unintegrated Past (our parents and out grandparents) 

Healing Past Generations and Ancestral Lines

The Cutting Edge Science and Ancient Wisdom of the East and the West

Adult development is about how people, organizations or societies evolve their consciousness throughout their lifetime. Self-System Wholeness applies Terri O’Fallon’s Stages Theory to refer to the levels of development and the underlying Integral Theory. There is also appreciation of Jungian alchemy and Taoist philosophy.


Creative Wholeness Life Practice is an experiential technology that is not as such a theory, but as experiential consciousness practice that proves any theory and any theory proves it. The interpenetration of the practice and theory always makes sense to a practitioner at any level, who applies their own real experience to witness, process, make sense, inquire, feel, contemplate or meditate individually, in groups or organizations. Functional structure gives a relational context to all experiences, grows-up and cleans-up personal experiences, brings clarity and wisdom and integrates consciousness.

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Kirsi Mäkinen
Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach

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