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to people signed up to my individual and group programs online

Awakening Awareness on Your Dilemmas
Without staying with the familiar answers in the mind, question your questioning and engage in a co-generated dialogue to redesign your reality perception.

  • Do you have a dilemma, which is bothering you and which you have not been able to resolve, maybe for years and now could be time to gain more awareness and understanding on it?

  • Do you have curiosity to explore a dilemma of interest with someone and awaken multiple  perspectives to inquire more and see then what to do?

  • Read further to find out more...

Dilemmas serve a transcendental purpose to unify Whole Self and Soul

There are two kinds of dilemmas people have.

  • One is often called a problem, bothering the mind and needs healing and integration.

  • The others are our own interest and curiosity which take forward our personal self-creation.

Either way, it all comes together in the end. We cannot escape the shadows, by just transcending them, but we cannot unite our minds either without uniting potential with the current reality of what is alive in us now. This is due to a normal consciousness separation between the body and the mind.

Dilemmas serve a transcendental purpose since they are body-mind splits that are helping us to see what needs unification and returning into peace and wholeness. They are objects of consciousness to follow and take us towards new or show-up obstacles when we experience the separation and confusion. Both take to unity and wholeness together again and again. As separate, nothing changes.

What kind of dilemma do you have? Let me help you, to re-assess, re-frame and re-vision the reality and wholeness and estimate the potential outcome, risks, and see how the transformation might look like, and how to live a life of uncertainty, full of wonder, awe and continuous surprise and joy.  We need to trust the unknown and uncertainty which is also explained by cutting-edge science and known by wisdom traditions for thousands of years. There is light behind the darkness, resistance, or confusion. There is a new world behind the worlds which you reflect on.

My Awakening Wholeness personal and group programs online, use my own experiential self- seen and self-realized model of Transpersonal Coaching

It was my realization of my own "realized wholeness" journey and inspired by several globally known teachers and approaches like Adult development, Jungian spiritual psychology and psychosynthesis, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Taoism, Buddhism and others.

Transpersonal Coaching is used in facilitation and consulting to all inner and outer organization development, integration and transcendence. This process awareness happens in the moment, of the moment, from this moment and beyond the moment. That is life energy moving through us unifying vertical and horizontal experiences. At early part of our journey we ask "who am I". Later on after shorter or longer time or era, we realize the Self and dilemma dissolves itself. New emergent selves might start arising, while the self is just a construction of our reality.  I am not just that, who I think I am or want to be. I am awareness beyond, who sees and knows with embodied wisdom what the self did not yet know or understand. Join me to make sense and play with multiple selves within and dissolving dysfunctions with universally functional way.


Kirsi Mäkinen

Inner Alchemist of Self-System Wholeness Approach

Few people dare to do what I am just offering on my website. This is my self-seen and self-realized model, both theory and practice of one's own knowledge, wisdom and experience of who you are. This is also a awareness-based structure and evolutionary principle of conscious creations, which basically mean ego-related awareness and eventually aware ego of itself.


There is no object or mystery dissolve, when you are self-realized,


What is included in the service

The 1. part of consulting:

The Structure and the Process of our call

One on One 75 min on a Zoom call

I will listen to you, your story lines, lightness, darkness, ego, resistances and shadows, belief systems, potential patterns and habits, communication style, voice, awareness and personal truth, your intra-dialogue in the moment and the whole. I record our call just for my own back-up to return to if needed. It will be destroyed after completion of the service.

At first I just listen to you for about 25 minutes. Then I will inquire more of something that comes up for me about 20 min. Finally we have a mutual inquiry and discussion 20 min and the last 5 is for closing and continuation.

The 2. part of consulting process:


In about 2-4 business days, you will receive written reflection on your situation, answers to your questions and links to potential knowledge or study material. I give you a general recommendations on your dilemmas and also related my services if I feel I can offer you more help on you dilemmas. These are not an absolute truth of anything.

What is not included in the service

  • I cannot give recommendations on something which I haven't got enough qualifications, capacity, awareness or skills for professionally.

    • For example: I don't give medical or detailed mental health recommendations since I am not a doctor or a therapist. I don't give legal advice of lawyer or a police.

    • My recommendations are not a decisions of correct action for you either. It's important that you inquire them yourself.

  • I cannot serve you if you have mental health problems currently like bipolar or depression. Afterwards it's ok. You will need a healthy functional mind to work on this self.

  • I don't use fortune telling, tarot cards, crystal ball or other methods like that. I only use my own conscious awareness, professional capacity and experience of being a human to human. I might notice something which has meaning for you, but I cannot guarantee that. Receiving help is also about our mutual moment together asking and answering openly in the moment.

  • I cannot help you, if you are not open enough, honest and truthful about your dilemma and if you don't express it from you personal perspective.

  • Notice that my ability respond is also dependent you, what you bring to discussion and how.

Reality is
a co-generated, individually constructed  truth in
a dialogical relationship through the whole being.

How could this help?

  • To gain awareness and understanding on a dilemma and make choices after that, to give more space for yourself to explore next steps without committing to anything more than that within yourself. This can be the first step to transformation.

  • It gives you an understanding of the depth, breath and height needed for the potential transformation and an outsider's perspective on things which you may be too blind self.

  • Sustainable outcomes are what we are looking for. They require multiple perspectives beyond your own reach, whole being transformation and actualization on your life. This is opportunity to become aware of the whole process from a personal transformation professional who has gone through it herself.

  • Confusion of own situation and a lack of courage or trust on self or life are often preventing us from living our full potential. Resistance to transcendence in the body can fully prevent any change, no matter how much the mind might want it. This service gives you an opportunity to mirror all sides of your reality without just ending up to own biases with that and repeating old dysfunctional patterns.

  • This service is a second opinion, which can also save you money and time from years of practice that does not meet the need or bring the transformation and wrong choices made from unawareness.

  • The Transformation design which we will co-generate, is just a glimpse of the reality that showed up, and the same time full of pattern information that repeat itself in your whole life before fully recognized and dissolved. The perceptions that I notice will have immediate, short-term and longer-term dimensions which require more awareness to uncover. Your dilemma is really just a sign of something to learn more from.

  • I recommend we do this just before our mutual journey together to become aware where we stand and what is our individual and collective awareness of our mutual whole and I can orient helping you also in relation to your dilemma.


  • This service is fully free to people who have registered to my personal and group programs during 2024.

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