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Self-System Wholeness Approach in Coaching
to liberate resistance to transcendence and realizing Whole Self

Awakening Wholeness

Coaching / Inquiry /Play / Practice

To developmentally aware practitioners, aspiring to reflect their whole being and aware presence in a mutual inquiry to co-generate realizations and conscious creation from inner reality.

Recommended to conscious business entrepreneurs, leaders,

practitioners and self-organizing contexts bringing emergent phenomena

into visible world.


"As long as I experience my divine other, different to myself and feel being the body with needs, wants and lacks of something, I am not seeing myself as I originally am, undivided aware presence, experiencing itself consciously through the lens of Whole Self"

Kirsi Mäkinen

Awakening Wholeness Coach, Founder of Transpersonal methodology at Self-System Wholeness Approach

 Awakening Wholeness Pioneering Coaching Program
Open slots from January 2024

This is a pioneering program to customized practice, inquiry and play for people who are able to work with awareness based phenomena self or who do contemplative practices. Awakening Wholeness Coaching can be experienced therapeutic, but its not therapy and practitioners work on the phenomena self within by using awareness, increasing awareness, integrating awareness and evolving as awareness. Here are few examples what this might mean:


The program gives a timeless context to navigate and awaken awareness to itself. This means that you have and you learn to use timeless wisdom to sustain the emergence and inclusion of ever-present truths and persistently moving towards Whole Self.  Curiosity and wonder of life are tools and setting essential questions and inquiries core practice to navigate.


SELF-INQUIRY OF SELF, RE-OWNING SENSE BASED EXPERIENCES. Direct experience based on senses is an illusion, and a construct of mind. To realize what REALLY is, we use reflective awareness to re-own repeatedly experiences and integrating the realizations arising and learn how to do this wisely for the whole.

NAVIGATING TIME AND RENEWAL OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM. All experience arise from timeless undivided whole consciousness beyond personal reach. Your purpose or where you set your conscious becoming, is just a pointer, a moment of time within wider continuum and always under re-realizing and reconstruction to make sure that you really evolve, and move with and towards consciousness. This needs motivating object connected to something bigger than your current consciousness which serves the evolving wholeness. Ever-present truths and your genuine curiosity of that is one as long as you realize, it is not about your truth as an identity, but hold it lightly. Conscious entrepreneurship is often like that, as long as the evolutionary purpose is flexible and beyond personal interests. You apply the wise, inquired realizations to practice in all life contexts, (work, relationships, creation) by playing and learning with your immediate environment (inner and outer). Everything starts from inquiry or dilemma and surrendering for being a curious subject regardless where you are on your journey.


TESTING, HYPOTHESIZING THE BELIEFS AND OBJECTS. It is important that we don't only test our belief-systems and ideas in practice but also learn to estimate and sense withing and yet be-act-become and include humbly with that which you are not fully aware yet and which is not you personal desire. This means becoming continuously aware of the emerging wholeness, not only parts or fractals which are easier. We always update both poles at once and learn from experience how it happens and learn to re-assess where it leads us. In that sense the self construction is always assessed by our wiser, observing parts.

MEANING MAKING ALSO INCLUDES DISSOLUTION OF MEANING. The self (system) is your conscious creation of who you think you are, are continuously becoming and who you originally are, as aware presence. Your Whole Self is a unified realized and integrated persona (inside-outside) including whole ego evolution, structure, process and trusting intuition and unknown within. You learn efficient and effortless reflective awareness while working on your inner-outer relationships and hold "I"-awareness lightly. This means inclusion of all states and stages, turning outer perceptions and projections of self back inside, owning your sense based experiences by cleaning up the self, recreating consciously from the experience and showing up with clarity, and eventually realizing wholeness and ultimate reality of a persona awakened, evolved, transcended and included. This is an iterating practice, and mutual inquiry between conscious and unconscious, between you and me and always moving through primary archetypes of meaning making and language, I-We-It-Its at all tiers, all levels and lines.

SELFLESS SERVICE FOR THE WHOLE INCLUDES REALIZING THE WHOLE SELF. Before fully being able to transcend the whole self construction, we become fully self-aware of ourselves. This is ego-awareness. The Whole Self is unified PERSONA, ego, including conscious and unconscious poles. That integration starts at early 4th person and is transcended at the next collective shift to 6th person. It takes 4 stages to integrate the experiential self-system to Whole Self consciousness. This is the meaning of timeless context for the practice since the practitioner is the one, who creates time, and their life and experiences raise inquiry, dilemma, and curiosity for realizing objects. All that is your life and yet taking place normally, arising from the whole as "I". This coaching instead, is your unlimited, infinite becoming to "realized wholeness" and Whole Self where your personal life and timeless becoming always meet dynamically (realized unity of time/timeless). I call this approach to unite both poles of consciousness Transpersonal Coaching (Self-System Wholeness Approach).

Year 2024, I offer 6 month Awakening Wholeness Coaching program and a FREE BONUS for that. The is pioneering program under continuous development based on experiences and likely changes later when  meaning of value increases and the price.

Transpersonal Coaching

IMAGE: We unite Western up and out and Eastern in and down approaches to personality integration with spirit and soul.We unite conscious and unconscious repeatedly.


You start by reflecting your experience, process, awareness, any content, contextual experience or construction of reality. You are content, context, awareness, process (functional or not), self-organizing system and arising awareness as you are. You are also undivided whole consciousness, not the same, nor different from the arising ego/experience at the field of awareness, reflecting your perception of reality as limited construction of human form and yet the Spirit leads you, even when you don't know it.

This is about listening, hearing, seeing, visualizing, reflecting, inquiring, being, becoming, sensing, sense making, allowing, learning to be "movement towards the whole" (wholeness). We construct new dissolved realities and transcend the constructions surrendering for the unified whole. This is also ultimate letting go practice and dissolution of the dilemmas and inquiries all together and natural arising of the flow of consciousness and awareness. Consciousness can say the same with multiple ways of expression as you can read from the principles below.

Transpersonal coaching (Self-System Wholeness) was inspired by:

  • Adult development: Stages, Integral theory, transformative and developmental coaching

  • Cognitive Science

  • Spiritual Psychology (Jung): Psycho synthesis

  • Eastern Wisdom: Advaita vedanta, Classical tantra, Kasmir shaivism, Buddhism, Taoism

I recommend participating to this program when at least some of these principles of practice and learning resonate with you

Conscious construction

Becoming aware of own constructions of reality

You want to learn one holistic practice to help you to evolve consciously over time and emergently understand how to re-create your experiences of  perspectives, perceptions, reflections, realizations and sense of reality to re-awaken repeatedly. You may become aware of how consciously navigate awareness and become aware of structures, processes, confusions and how you become your experiences, evolve states into stages and give birth to new forms while dissolving others.

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Navigating the two poles

The Seeming relationship of two witnesses

Both Eastern and Western wisdoms have recognized the relationship between both poles of consciousness. The two selves are practical and helpful navigation system. The West prefers up and out and the East balances that with in and down. Both journeys come together in this coaching program and the ultimate core is to notice and play with differentiation and unity of the poles repeatedly in your experience to evolve and awaken awareness. Ultimately there is only One unified "I" in our experience and even that repeats at every tier and we also reshape the self construct with every experience and at every stage.

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Symbolic Life

Inviting curiosity to wonder life, open mind and heart to become aware of becoming aware of all that which is showing up

You are curious inviting active use of symbolism, signs and images and give meaning to that which may not be fully realized yet, but which your unconscious gives to you through inquiry or contemplative engagement with the Spirit. This eventually facilitates healing of the primary dualistic splits of consciousness when allowing space for that which is present now, to show up with curiosity, compassion and unconditionally loving relationship within.

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Universal Dialogue

Divine relationship between physical and spiritual lives

Consciousness is ultimately ONE, but human life is always dual and moving through polar opposites to return to the unity consciousness. This means that there is no object without subjective experience and we always navigate within our own consciousness and experience own perception of reality, which grows up and awakens repeatedly. Your relationships with others  and the "world" are determined by the health and wisdom of your inner divine relationship with both poles, conscious and unconscious and how you are being inside to sustain aware presence  and intimacy between all selves and repeatedly able to surrender to your inner other for re-connection and unity and functionality outside in the physical life.

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Spiritual meaning of development

Surrendering for the universal principles of the unknowable

Instead of running after own desires outside, you understand that all you see out there (even the personal purposes), is in you and you want to integrate and re-realize that thought-feeling or experience eventually and are oriented to be a curious subject, accept your incompleteness as something to be curios about without any push or pull, while holding the course. Spirit has timeless teleological intention (as we can say it) and something for you to hold at the back of your awareness continuously. That which started from unity consciousness, is returning to unity consciousness, while most never make it, since most people spend their life by focusing on exterior events outside "I" awareness over the course of individualization of the mind. That is also the context where "life" happens through you and as you. You use your will to move in life, but the will is not enough to make happen or preventing from happening that, which is destined to happen to you as individual. Destiny happens regardless any amount of obstacles showing up and that is why our way of navigating life is surrendering, which shifts your consciousness but also the attitude towards life, how you want it to be and your reality perception. This, we might also call development from a spiritual perspective.

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Ultimate reality

Unified reality is consciousness

Consciousness gives birth to individual awareness, individual and collective consciousnesses are one. The only way for the collective consciousness to know itself, is through the form of individual consciousness. it's a universal way experiencing reality as it is. That is why consciousness and reality are fundamentally one from the beginning with and the separation of the two, is just perceptional bias. This is why Awakening Wholeness Coaching is no different to universal principles of evolution, under the fundamental laws of reality and awakening for the whole.

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Direct experience and intuition

From pointing to the moon to experience

Beauty and gift of consciousness is the endless creativity how ego and language can construct imaginary realities which are short lived in the course of time. Only direct embodied self-seen, self-realized experience of the undivided whole with intuition can sustain time with all layers of experience.  Belief-systems and unrealized truths instead are only pointers or states of curiosity, but realizations and experience of them are still to come. Which brings completion experiences of unified reality and facilitates completion of the reflections loops.

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Awareness is subject realizing itself and learning in its inner-outer environment about itself.

If looking at the Awakening Wholeness Coaching methodology and the mandala above. The practitioner is awareness, subject experiencer, of the other and the world. The 1st. person experiencing itself as 2. and 3. persons, which are objects of awareness. This pattern repeats itself and re-awakens and evolves at every stage and tier.  You are not any of the quadrants, while you experience being them inside or/and outside of you. Awareness evolves, awakens and integrates while re-owning your sense perceptions and having direct realizations of the whole. Consciousness is undivided whole and awareness experiences itself as ocean where personal experiences arise as waves.

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Perceptual realities

Self-Inquiry is exploration of own reality also with others

It is really hard try to point to something, without pointing away from something else at the same time. What we mean by what we say, needs more attention to unpack intentions, confusions, biases, not just by guessing or reading constructions, but with open dialogue and curious inquiry of "what do you mean by that". The words and language are only an attempt to point to something within own awareness and to unfold the experience mutually and potentially co-generating understanding which is both ways realized and more objectivity shows up. It offers both parties a vulnerable practice ground and a subject to subject relational practice not only with others but within self as well to bridge the poles of consciousness.

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Wholeness is movement towards the whole and discovering coherence

You might feel or have felt an inner calling or a pull forward by something, which you  want to unfold. That is Spirit which guides your infinite unfolding through the forms and formeless states and stages. This may raise inquiries, curiosity, research to find out more and generates impulses to create or bring something out for the others and yet it is your evolution through the unknown which you participate to work with in your inner relationships.  Spirit is playing the role of self and also being the transcendental object to the self.  You learn to unpack and open the mysteries of the Spirit, playing hide and seek with your experience and upgrade also the wholeness.

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Shadow Work

Dissolving pasts to liberate self from suffering

As within, so without. Most of conflicts between people, cultures, countries and societies and global crises have to do with our relationship with our own inner environment, personal and collective shadow and trauma, which reflects to our outer environment. Conflicts and unresolved dilemmas, mistrust on self or others and emergence, unrealized truths, projections, beliefs, assumptions, all need healing, integration or letting go, depending on context. When healing self-system, we heal the "world" and our actions in relationship to our perception of the "world" is healed. Personal or collective shadows also cause suffering and self-realization liberates the experiencer from the projected experience and transcends the ego.

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Meaning making

Meaning making is a practice to transcend, upgrade and shifting reality perceptions

Development is based on iterating experience through states and stages, giving and dissolving meaning and language, which has turned to structures and cultures and operating as consciousness based system. Part of human development is connected to ego, growing up ego, becoming aware of the ego and ego-aware of itself and transcending the ego repeatedly. Non of that is who you really are, awareness. All of them are part of  realizing that which do not need realizing, and which we cannot talk about. Regardless approach or methodlessness, there is awareness which naturally navigates its own inner environment which is unified reality with conscious and unconscious poles. Consciousness is not asking what you want as ego or self. You are a limited being serving a bigger purpose than your own. You realize what, how and why.

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Warrior's journey

You are awareness, an infinite process

Building trust on self, others, world, emergence, life, existence and transcendence is part of practice and re-framing the meaning of your experience of it. Facing life as it is and is emerging in the moment and from the moment challenges and awakens warrior qualities in everyone. True warrior fights for a cause of the heart. You might identify a symbolic myth or experience that leads your journey back "home", (your definition). Perseverance, patience and perfection are means of a conscious warrior. Perseverance is needed to navigate through the fog repeatedly, and sustaining the course and trusting the unknown. Patience is needed since completions come on the way, but if the only intention for the process is a particular goal or shift, you forget incompleteness of life as it is as such. The beauty of perfection always needs a restart if you lose the sight of the flag ship. For that the infinite journey you practice sustaining the course. It allows you to develop the means, skills and integrate the lessons learned so far in nuanced ways and build real skills.

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Awakening Awareness

Original price 390€

The free online course is included to all new coaching program orders to learn more of the later stages of development

Rock Maze

Growing Up Self-Inquiry At 4 Stages

Practice Dissolving Yourself First

What to learn:

  • Discover, what might you not know about yourself, and your meaning making?

  • What 4 directions of practice are necessary for dissolving the resistance to transcendence and consciousness transformation.

  • What one dilemma can transform all relationships of you, the others and the whole humanity when integrated?

  • Practice growing up your individual perspectival self, while noticing how your wholeness also evolves the same time through the systemic interpenetrated reflection practice at 4 stages of inquiry, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5

About 1 to 1,5 hours of material.
Videos 33 min.
The course assumes that you have stage-awareness already.

Subscribe below and start immediately

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