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Self-System Wholeness Approach in Coaching and Mentoring

Awakening Wholeness
Coaching / Mentoring /Play / Practice

To developmentally aware practitioners, aspiring to work on their whole being and presence to facilitate emergence of new and integrate and transcend the mind to be of service to the whole.

Minimum conditions to personal Wholeness Coaching:

One-time consulting and Transformation Design


Misty Forest Reflection

The Purpose of Awakening Wholeness Coaching Program

This program is a customized consciousness transformation program for people who are able to work with awareness based phenomena self. This requires certain developmental capacities like the 4th and the 5th person perspective. This is what I call  "inner development context".

The purpose of this program is to grow-up and awaken realizations of wholeness, your true nature and your individual responsibility of the ego, to work with interior and exterior dilemmas and inquiries while applying the capacity to your chosen context, resolving the self first with passion and conscious creation.

The personal transformation program is not only for your development. It is holistic practice which already gives you perspective on 3 personas self-others-organizations, and facilitation tools to use with others.


My name is Kirsi Mäkinen

Over my own awareness practice and developmental growing-up journey, I have tried, practiced and studied tens of approaches, methods, tools and theories, learned from tens of teachers and other practitioners to align  universal principles of transformation, personal practice, life and work. I learned a lot from all these experiences.


None of them fully met my needs for the holistic, neutral practice and developmental approach where the whole person could be really met in a dialogue with acceptance and compassion while still bridging developmentally necessary principles of practice.

I also noticed that practitioners need to understand and learn the whole process themselves, not only the few next steps. That is why I created Creative Wholeness Life Practice, which challenges your curiosity and passion to realize new, while deconstructing old and unifying and dissolving potential misunderstandings of your perception.

Self-System Wholeness Approach is a product of my own practice and processes, realizations, recognition, and wonder of life, which I was witnessing for over 14 years  how that showed up, how I upgraded it many times and practiced repeatedly again. This grows up your individual truth and reality perception towards collective consciousness.


I teach you journey, what I have learned  subjectively and objectively from personal and transcendental perspectives supported by Eastern and Western science and wisdom.

You will also gain access on my Foundations to Creative Wholeness Life Practice online study materials during this program.

Read more about me from here and also about the theories, methods and approaches applied.

Rock Maze

Awakening Wholeness
Coaching / Mentoring / Play / Practice

Who is this for

This coaching program is for those who are already developmentally aware and who want to unite their whole being-ness, increase awareness, learn to transcend and include in the moment, integrate the shadows, reach towards higher realms of consciousness and full potential, dissolve language and meaning-making and unite all new skills and awareness into their work and life contexts. This program the following minimum requirements.

The minimum requirements for this coaching program

  • "One-time consultation and Transformation Design". You will receive my perception on your dilemma through our co-generated Transformation Design on how potential transformation looks like and what it takes to practice. It is a good starting point for our dialogue.

  • You also need to be able do deep inner work and awareness practice self. This is not therapy, while therapeutic, so you will develop personal and transcendental skills as being in dialogue with me and by practicing at home.

  • Hope you are familiar with adult development theories, it will help you. If completely new, I recommend starting with my "Foundations to Creative Wholeness Life Practice Course online when available and self-study in the field.


Commonly recognized capacities evolving through the program regardless the your stage

  • Awareness based orientation to be and act at present time and learn repeatedly what it means in the now. (Flow of awareness=getting things done effortlessly)

  • Your capacity to inquire and be aware increases and more persistent curious inquiries show up. (Aware presence in action)

  • Connecting the infinite true nature or Spirit and full potential consciously in the moment. (Transcendence and vertical evolution)

  • Embodying the truly interrelated relationship to all of life and realizing own freedom of responsible service for the whole and reconciling resistance. (Inclusion of whole humaneness.)

  • The previous become awareness based practice process that is lead by your persistent inquiries to really understand and receive answers to dilemmas, which arise and act as initiators to practice. (Unified practice with your reality)

  • Endless curiosity, wonder of life increases and your awareness of wholeness and interconnections of all of life in the now. All practice does not need activeness and objects to follow.

  • Short term outcomes are realizations, insights, revelations, higher state experiences or shifts of state of being, which you reflect on. These can have big impact. Bigger transformations include lots of state changes at identity, body and mind.

  • Longer term outcomes are tier and stage shifts, bigger integrations of your practice to your work or whole life situation. This also meas a shift of perspective and relationship to all of life.

Inner Guidance System, Liberation From Resistance to Transcendence.png

Benefits of the coaching

and practice

  • Inner Guidance System becomes aware. How to help yourself in the moment of complexity, uncertainty, unknowing, conflict, relationships, all life contexts increases while awareness increases.

  • You start noticing what there is and being ok with all of that in ordinary life and reality which you emergently create and which you learn to dissolve and be with. = Aware presence.

  • Conscious life of inner and outer wellbeing shows up from you, influencing your environmental health as well. = Ability to use your skills consciously grows up and integrates.

  • You notice ways to use your new, evolving, transcending and integrating skills with others in three dimensions I-we-it/its and facilitating emergence of the others as well.

  • In all, the Awakening Wholeness Program is offering a personal practice to lead your own evolution forward in the moment with emergently evolving inner wisdom and presence which grows up endlessly allowing you to keep on realizing and recognizing which shifts your whole being repeatedly to new inquiries and new states and stages. When used in life, it becomes an inner guidance system to work as well.

Creative Wholeness Life Practice 
Coaching / Mentoring / Play / Practice

Nature of the service

We aim to grow up and awaken your conscious capacities to work with emergent unconscious phenomena to facilitate your own learning at all contexts and make more sense of your sense-making and dissolve meaning to get beyond conceptualization and knowledge. This is whole-being coaching/practice/play and mutual dialogue, curiosity to understand, openness to inquire what is present in the now between us are also part of the practice but also tools to use.


The structure used is consciousness, which is behind all human experience and life. You will learn basics of how to navigate your psyche through your experience in the quadrants below and notice repeating experience and patterns, differentiate awareness, shadows, persona, and potentially also subject-object dynamics. You develop witnessing, self-reflection and inquiry to recognize awareness based phenomena in the moment, transcend and integrate the psyche experience. You also learn a "Creative Wholeness" meditation and inquiry processes to use in all life contexts.

All this will bridge your inside and outside reality perceptions and brings more coherence, unity, wholeness, health and well-being into your inner and outer life.  All these capacities are also part of the cutting edge work-life capacities in the complex world. It is very much recommended that you practice in all contexts and also self.

There are two main practices to learn to do self as well.

  • At first, we make sure that you can recognize the 4 quadrants (image below) in your awareness experimentally, regardless which level you are at 4th and 5th person. This is important for deeper practice so that you can match your inner territory of experience with the quadrants in the model which is beginning of later recognition and witnessing development.  This recognition grows up and transforms at all stages and takes place in your construction of reality which you update with your experiencing. It is possible that we do this during the whole program depending on what you are recognizing.

  • Then you can start mirroring your inside and outside with the image/mandala as well and receive more awareness by realizing new through your experience or by witnessing that at mandala. That practice becomes meditation and contemplation, see-er becomes the seen and takes you forward again.

Coaching / Mentoring / Practice / Play starts when:

  • You have an experience (inquiry, dilemma) of any context.

  • You initiate exploration of the experience by setting questions and inquiries. The process can take any form of coaching, mentoring, practice, or play depending on what you have in mind.

  • We always aim to dissolve the question and the questioner and permanent results which integrate and transcend the psyche. It may not happen during the same session or the program, so you will also learn to set more persistent and developmentally relevant inquiries during the process.

  • It’s not only me asking questions, also you need to inquire and ask questions.

  • Finding answers is not the general purpose of the practice but being comfortable to inquire and work with conscious and unconscious dynamics together which eventually lead to answers.

Here below is a mandala of the awareness practice which you learn to navigate during the process. The Creative Wholeness Life Practice online material will support the practice. You don't need to understand this before hand, but it helps if you have done the course before. I also recommend reading basics of Stages theory to understand the stage numbers what I refer to.

Download the program manual below to get more details of the practice, while you are not required to know and understand that beforehand.

Download the practice details

Here is the file to download!

Awakening Wholeness Coaching Program Offer to first time customers

Offering includes:

  • Duration 8 months.

  • 8 recursive payments or one payment plan.

  • 120 min/month, usually 2 meetings.

  • Creative Wholeness Life Practice online material

  • 390€/month

Rock Maze

Growing Up Self-Inquiry At 4 Stages

Practice Dissolving Yourself First

What to learn:

  • Discover, what might you not know about yourself, and your meaning making?

  • What 4 directions of practice are necessary for dissolving the resistance to transcendence and consciousness transformation.

  • What one dilemma can transform all relationships of you, the others and the whole humanity when integrated?

  • Practice growing up your individual perspectival self, while noticing how your wholeness also evolves the same time through the systemic interpenetrated reflection practice at 4 stages of inquiry, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5

About 1 to 1,5 hours of material.
Videos 33 min.
The course assumes that you have stage-awareness already.

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