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Awakening Wholeness
Path, Philosophy and Practice
To Illuminating Mind

To Liberate Resistance To Transcendence,

Realize The Whole Self And The Undivided Reality

Awakening Wholeness Path To An Illuminating Mind, is a series of personal and group practice programs with evolutionary principles to awaken awareness to itself at every tier, every stage and every experience, eventually to realize Whole Self and Undivided Whole through the illuminating mind.


The Path is originated from my personal awakening path, which evolved to its own philosophy. Awakening Wholeness is not only a path, training, coaching, program, facilitator's instrument with groups, theory or practice. It is not just your personal awareness, but also collective consciousness. It is all of them separately and together as a whole. Just like philosophy is differentiated to sciences, Awakening Wholeness is like that, with addition that Awakening Wholeness has become aware of itself, just like philosophy can. You as a practitioner, learn and create your own philosophy, theory or myth during your life time, which you might call "self", when that grows and becomes even more wiser over time, you become wiser and more and more aware of who you are. Eventually the "old ideas of self" fall away and there is only awareness which is aware of itself. The symbol and a model of this Path is represented by mandala constructions. Each person is its own mandala and a path to embodied wisdom.

I recommend the Path to conscious business leaders and professionals working with complexity, entrepreneurs, practitioners of consciousness, and anyone who is using or wants to use their whole being and presence to generate transformative, humane change in their environments. At the same this serves their own reality testing, personal development and consciousness practice. These leaders know that nobody else can teach them what they already know, and they have to build their own trust on emergence and life itself to embody their own wisdom and "philosophy" to lead the change they are here for.

From this page you find introduction to Awakening Wholeness Path, and mandala, which is a model of experiential theory of practice, how the stages of development are experienced, how they evolve as an iterating experience every moment.

How are you appearing to be in your reality?


“When you only look for answers to your inquiries through the eyes of the other people, without deep self-inquiry to reflect and realize how you know that you know, you don’t find the Conscious Self. All you find is the other people’s truth about their realized structures and realities and that can only point to the direction to look again.

The others are appearances of your objectified reality. As you transform your appearances, you transform your relationship to your reality and the culture inside and out, which shows up as presence awareness and more self-compassionate relationship to yourself, who is not the same as your past or future, but not different from them either. This is Whole Self realization, surrendering to Undivided Whole and to a universal inner dialogue with self and others."

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Kirsi Mäkinen

Founder / Inner Alchemist of Awakening Wholeness Path &

Self-System Wholeness Approach

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My influencers of Science and wisdom behind

Awakening Wholeness Path and Philosophy

Short introduction to Awakening Wholeness theory of practice, Mandala
Seeing the seer's seeing

The mandala is a theory and practice of your relationship to yourself in all life contexts and how you navigate your own consciousness through experiences. Mandala is an expression of personal meaning creation, the moment which is witnessed in the mandala to increase and dissolve awareness repeatedly as a practice of life.


This practice has no ending or beginning, your inquiry of yourself is always correct as such and also incomplete expression of the whole withing the whole and as a whole. It is whole and partial at the same time.

The personal practice with mandala is a consciousness manipulation tool to play with appearances to facilitate shift and integrations of any context within self. When the unfolding pattern of consciousness becomes part of your inner navigation system, and territory of momentary self-assessment, you don't need the construct anymore.


The Awakening Wholeness Path takes towards illuminating mind and a clear seeing through the delusions of the conscious mind. While you are witnessing your experience (consciousness) and evolving, at the same time, there is something in your experience, which is witnessing you (unconscious).

The mandala is an "illusory form" as Andrew Holecek puts it. It shows personal or group evolution over time and space at any context from the bottom-up  by awakening awareness to itself repeatedly. This is seemingly continuous, but the continuum is not just eternal growth, it is dynamical balance through

the both receiving and active dynamics as reciprocity.

Read more of how to transform inner and outer realities from the blog below.

The cutting-edge science has created theories of this process for the past 100 years or so. The wisdom traditions have known the same over thousands of years from the other way around. While choosing different directions to navigate consciousness, either bottom-up or top-down, both, the East and the West still end up in the same resolve the dilemma of human potential, which I translate to resolving dilemmas related to the “self” and dissolving experience into Undivided Whole.


The both have their strengths and weaknesses and a great potential to transcend and include their own theory of human consciousness.While recognizing limitations of consciousness with mirroring from the unconscious, we learn the humble side of humanness.

Test and play with the seer's seeing, become seen by your illuminating mind and

realize how you actually create meaning in the now.

What do you see in the mandala?

How do you reflect on that, what roles do you play?

Where are you out there?

Are you?

The meaning of the mandala practice

to groups and individuals

The mind is always turning outwards to follow objects. We use this natural tendency to integrate the inner experience and curiosity of objects from inside out and outside in. The mandala represents personal or group self-image and a hypothetical reality perception and is valid to the person or the group who witnesses and a starting point to further inquiry, practice, play and realizations. At the same time, they are direct expressions of consciousness itself, created by the witness and talk about the meaning of the moment.


The meaning to individuals and groups

The mandala makes visible that which would be seen or known, but not realized as a whole, personally or in groups and gives words to that which has not been said. It is self-assessment in the moment and of the moment and a way to shift 1st person relationships to 2nd and 3rd order relationships to self and life and backwards also. We may believe that the shift happens in our outer reality, while the reality is continuously shifted when practicing and sooner or later the practitioner realized itself as one with own reality, in each persona.

The mandala shows you and the groups something about all of you as a whole and personally, you notice how you relate to all those experiences witnessed individually and collectively. The practice helps to distance yourself from the actual experience to look at it, feel, experience and make sense of it with less attachment and ego's defense.

The mandalas are not infinite models. They are not trying to explain the ever-present truths of anything and at the same time they are reflections of what is present in human consciousness in the moment, what has been seen, the patterns influencing experiences, processes, and different realities arising from the Undivided Whole into personal experiencing. This is a practice to realize that which is still invisible to our senses, become repeatedly more aware of your inner environment in action.

You play all the roles, and all relationships. You are the seer, seeing and the seen. This is meaning creation in the moment, recognizing potential gaps, consciously influencing your evolution, shadow integration, and presence awareness.

The ability to witness self and organizational experiences together in the moment, of the moment from and beyond the moment, you can see how this is not only a personal practice and evolution tool, but also a strategic group facilitation instrument to collective work together to self-organizing teams and organizations, who need to see personal and collective perspectives and potential evolution at the same time, and to keep on practicing to keep evolution going.

To really know what this practice is and how to unlock the unfolding of consciousness, you need to engage the practice. Join the programs and free sessions to gain experience.

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Mandala Gallery

The Awakening Wholeness

Development Path

From basics (Part 1) to a practitioner level (Part 2) and deeper practice (Part3). Start from the Part 1.

Part 1

Awakening Wholeness Foundations Course

Scheduled Course
12 h online, + self-study.

This course introduces you to the concepts and the structured process and the mandala. This is for everyone who is curious to learn how consciousness unfolds through polarities, open their minds to realizations under the surface about self in relation to all of life and consciousness itself. The 1st step and a requirement for the Path, not yet enough to collect the fruits which the experiential practice programs allow.

Required learning:
Developmentally informed,

see above.

Part 2

Bottom-Up Awakening to Illuminating Mind

Personal Practice Program
8 months, online, group sessions.


Intensive personal practice program, 8 months to awaken awareness to itself. You learn, recognize and practice how awareness iterates through the structures, and processes, from states to stages and re-awakens repeatedly to transcend your perceived realities. During the program you explore your own experience supported by  Eastern and Western science and wisdom.
Required learning:

The Part 1 Foundations.

Part 3

Awakening Wholeness Coaching/

6 months, one on one, online

To developmentally aware practitioners, aspiring to reflect their whole being and aware presence in a mutual inquiry to co-generate realizations and conscious creation and to bridge dilemmas of inner reality.


Required learning: 
Part 1 Foundations Course.

How stages make meaning through the mandala

All the 4 stages make a collective whole and the awareness which starts to open, integrates in the transition to 6th person. Here some stage related experiences which have been noticed by practitioners at different stages.

With persistent, patient and rigorous practice, which you do over time at own pace and time, you can shift your consciousness repeatedly and learn to upgrade your experience and recognize evolution of inner wisdom while transcending and including all dilemmas, inquiries and meditating in all life contexts.

Mandala is a practice to unlock invisible realities, by witnessing with mind's I, especially for the creative minds who see, visualize and want to use their perspective in new contexts. This is how you awaken and grow up to the context, integrate it, and start using and seeing backwards what you learned. This usually turns to what you create for the others.

In general the .0 stages (Terri O'Fallon), will benefit from the structured practice process, which gives them coherence, and realizations of how to navigate in their reality and grows up reflective awareness. The active .5 stages benefit from their own eyes and they see new connections, relationships, and how to unite them, while playing and gaining new experiences. They can also use the mandala in their facilitation with other earlier stages.


Everyone benefits from the mirroring from the unconscious side, when giving meaning to symbols, images, words and visualizations arising when assessing experience against perceived reality. Confusions and shadows are resolved continuously with inquiries. Mandala can also awaken inquiries which help you to resolve a dilemma, integrate states and stages, shift perspectives and might take your curiosity forward until end of a stage, but also to complete several stages over time with one deep inquiry. The inquiry dissolves the inquirer eventually.

4.0 stage

Awakening to
the 4th order reality

The 4.0 stage opens awareness, which is requirement to conscious awareness 5.0, which is requirement to reach illuminating mind.

Benefits of the practice to the stage:

  • self-awareness increases with quadrants/parts work.

  • shadow awareness increases.

  • structure and process to navigate inner environment increases understanding of relationships and reciprocity.

  • developmental confusions are being worked through all the time.

  • The stages needs a manipulator tool and this is a holistic one, with evolutionary principles.

4.5 stage

Evolution and integration of the 4th order reality, mind