Bring Wholeness
into your organization

Invitation to original Wholeness in organizations

Sustainable life on earth requires our collective recognition of wholeness as us, beside us and beyond us. Wholeness is a kind and loving holding principle to enable an innate child-like playfulness to get to know all there is true in us, speak our truth and use our full potential together with experienced wisdom and conscious intentions to lead the way of our workplaces, schools or society towards more and more integrated life and culture of sustainable wholeness.

Self-System Wholeness Approach can be customized to private cohorts for your organization to get everyone on the same page and creating shared language and structures of understanding. This is a developmental process to start birthing new building blocks in our mindsets and holding a space of inquiry for teams, groups and organizations in change.


On this page you find workshop opportunities for organizations and workplaces to deepen their mutual relationships, grow and evolve as individuals and as a collective, learn tools to integrate their self-system and practice sustainably creative ways of living, leading and learning as a whole. As a result of all that you get a taste of transition to the new paradigm and what it takes from all of us to live a life of "Emergent new beings" with the complexity. To a deeper individual journey as leaders or teams, you could take a look at the Self-System Wholeness Coaching program down below.


Self-Systemic Inner Development 2030
to Teams & Organizations

The Workshop introduces you to the basics of systemic wholeness, wisdom development and the inner developmental process needed from the human being -ness  to transform collective knowing, being and doing -ness in the emergent era of complexity.


This 3 day workshop is available for all teams and organizations interested in deepening their Self-Systemic understanding, becoming more aware of themselves, complexity and gain an experience of the new ways of self-organizing as systems within systems of systems. The Principle of collective self-organizing is in unbreakable relationship with our individual capacities to change ourselves internally and externally from the moment continuously.


This is a physical workshop in the location chosen by you.

This is an introduction workshop for organizations based on customized parts of our year long personal development program online and also includes alignment of "UN Inner Development Goals 2030"

Spiral Staircase

Self-System Wholeness Approach
Inner Development 2030
to teams and small organizations

The Coaching Program for evolutionary development of self-systemic wholeness and self-organizing leadership.

1-2 times a month/individual, 6-12 month contracts.


This is online coaching to increase awareness and transforming individual being, doing and knowing towards personal systemic adaptation towards emergent wholeness and wisdom in relation to context and own inner development goals. In other words, this allows individual potential development in a co-emerging relationship with the organizational role and space for the individual to enact own potential, capabilities and developmental purposes to the role he/she has.


Especially to leaders and individuals who feel passion to deepen their personal capacities towards more conscious change of their whole being.