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Individual systemic coaching program of
6 months to heal and liberate the unconscious patterns, integrate your self-system and embody new spirit of wholeness.

Self-Systemic Wholeness Coaching

About the Program

Nurture you wholeness with one-on-one support.

Our global, systemic 1 on 1 coaching program allows individuals in relationship with their context to work on their “self-system” by cultivating the self, healing the shadows and integrating the structures of consciousness to live and lead more from emergence with healthy own power. The process has potential to liberate energies of vertical evolution of self. 

Self-System Wholeness coaching approach is different from many other more in common approaches. We concentrate on the individual system in relationship with their natural contexts also liberating the natural structures or energies holding you back from what is really true for you in the now and expressing your full self and spirit. This will give space for your emergent potential to take new forms of being allowing you to grow, develop, evolve and unfold endlessly.


This means that you and listening to your inner experience, reflecting on that, participating with the emergent phenomena in your awareness, building perspective, working on shadows and learning ways to perceive more nuanced way is the focus of transformation and resolving unhelpful patterns.

The coaching process evolves according to your pace and from where you are. I also allow you to lead your own evolution, by helping you to make more conscious decisions and choices which will help you to grow your self-other leadership capacity.  This program can be a mutual exploration and curious inquiry to increase your self-reflection and understanding more, but also transforming direction of one experience to another during the session and learning to see it and yourself from a distance or from a later perspective. This is co-emerging coaching.

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Kirsi Mäkinen is the founder of Self System Wholeness Coaching, Facilitation and Problem Solving Approach to Conscious Healing and Integration of Self, System, Shadow and Spirit. Read more.

Book a meeting with the coach


555 €/month/person x 6

Payment options 1 / 3 / 6 times
Limited amount of slots available.
Ask for team and organizational prices.


What you will get

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6 Months
twice a month

1,5 hours


EET 10 am - 7 pm
Online (Zoom)

Ask for optional vertical assessments, produced by my assessment partners.

Registration is open
New client starting times
September - November
January - March

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