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  Nurturing Wholeness

Self-System Wholeness


Self-System Wholeness Individual Development Programs are 6-12 month journeys from beginners to advanced practitioners and professionals to leadership development. They accelerate the individual developmental paths by raising awareness, knowledge and embodied capacities to transform our core energy and being to support emerging wholeness at all areas of life and facilitate creation of healthier and more integrated principles to live joyfully while embracing the nature and regeneration of a new civilization.


All the programs support vertical evolution of human development, focusing on the 4th person perspective, full spectrum wholeness and integration, building capabilities towards 4.5 integration, potentially beyond. Exception the one-on-one coaching where we start from where ever you are.

Upcoming Programs

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A Year long personal development program to
Emergent World Problem Solving
Embodying the Creation Process of Wholeness and Wisdom
STARTS: AUGUST  23th 2022 
At 6 pm EET Helsinki
LOCATION: Online, self-study and Zoom groups

A personal evolution and self-organizing principles of conscious healing and integration of self, system, shadow and spirit. A cohort group study online individually, pairs and small groups.

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Self-Systemic Wholeness Coaching to leaders, teams and organizations
Inner Development 2030
6 month contracts

If you are looking to have a personal guide on your journey of wholeness to dig into your transformation,  check out our packages for one-on-one work. 

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Foundations workshop to teams and organizations
Introduction to Self-Systemic Wholeness and
Inner Development 2030
3 DAY WORKSHOP, According to agreement
LOCATION: Physical location

An introductory workshop to leaders, teachers, schools and organizations interested in understanding self-systemic wholeness and it's core principles to lead the way of teams and organizations towards self-organizing principles in being, knowing and doing.

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