Self-study and small cohort learning to
Emergent World Problem Solving 

Foundations of Unfolding

An Integrative Learning Process and Introduction
to Theory of Self-System Wholeness Approach

and Infinite Unfolding of the Whole Being.


To integrally oriented problem solvers, spiritual healers, teachers, health coaches, group facilitators and emergent world leaders.

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An Integrative Learning Process and Introduction to Theory of Self-System Wholeness Approach

Foundations of Unfolding


Who is this for:

Emergent world leaders and problem solvers, entrepreneurs, professionals identifying working on complex systems understanding and personal development. Developmentally this is suitable to everyone interested, typically 3rd and 4th person perspective.

You also need radical curiosity to learn new ways, without knowing the outcomes, by being an active learning agent self, hunger to resolve problems and dilemmas self, understand “how life works” and dialogical sharing of the experience with the group is essential. You also need perseverance to learn to approach unresolved dilemmas in your life and be curious about being your own science to find answers.

The Learning Process:

We learn to use the basic timeless principles of all of life and development supported by cutting edge science. Foundations of Unfolding integrates vertical adult development, cognitive science, and eastern philosophy.

The Program also brings practice to the five core skills defined by United Nations Inner Development Goals 2030, Being-Thinking-Relating-Collaborating and Acting.


Foundations of Unfolding is effective and effortless process to automate a natural brain friendly learning process and allow yourself to gain new skills, unlearn the old ones and readjust your self-system again and again.

The process is continuously evolving and takes you forward fast which feels joyful and liberating while reminding you continuously of what to prioritize, what might not be seen or noticed and how you might be falling into old patterns.

This kind of continuous learning is highly motivating and gives you opportunity to use your full potential in the moment and take steps forward to increase your learning skills and inner knowing by practicing an evolutionary process that helps you to cultivate all emergence and stay in flow effortlessly.

We should not be blinded by the fastness of experience either that easily makes us believe we are further than we are. The journey of new insights and revelations can also mislead you so the counterbalance of potential risk factors needs to be regarded valuable as well. Your own natural strengths or tendencies easily direct the journey, leading to unbalance with less used qualities or parts of yourself.


We are not evolving to be better or perfect but by taking more individual responsibility of global problems by our own evolution and freedom of learning in ways that does not need anybody's permission. The Program teaches to use wisdom and whole knowing capacity rather than reaching the desired goals or outcomes only and still both develop.

The program uses a cyclical learning structure, while embracing the in the moment experiences and introspection. The Part One is essential practitioner process to enter a deeper and nuanced practice of Emerging World Problem Solving, Part Two witch is designed for the deeper inner work and integration of the 4th person perspective and even more skillful instantaneous inquiry by using awareness as a problem solving tool in the moment.

"For the union of the spirit and the body, or the spirit and the earth, forms something which to human being will lack sense, because he feels inadequate. He will never understand all what life is. If he did he would know what life is and that is a mystery. We don't even know if life has a purpose, we are quite safe in believing that this life is meaningless chaos because that is what we see. There may be sense here and there, but we don't know at all"
Carl Gustav Jung on how people view life as a mystery, which they don't understand.


Pioneering price


99 €

Foundations of Unfolding



  • The 3 Parts of course.

  • About 2,5 hours of video teaching.

  • One Q&A session on a given day and time with signed up participants. Recording is available.

  • The next Q&A 2022 will be:

June 28th at 6 pm, EET Helsinki (summer time)

  • You can study the course any time in your own pace and time. Remember to enroll to the Q&A to get the webinar link. If you can't join, please send questions on e-mail.

  • The course can be studied quickly, the integration can take longer time. Estimated study time of the course is 2 weeks and the Q & A is held after that when the registering closes.

  • Please download the manual at the bottom of the page for more information.

What you will get


Kirsi Mäkinen
Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach

Read my story


Join me to an introduction webinar

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Emergent world problem solving and inner development needs of

a self-system 2030

How does the new come into being and what does it take from each of us to follow through?
How to resolve self-systemic errors and avoid falling back to old ways of being and doing?

June 14th 2022
EET Helsinki 6 pm

1h presentation, 30min Q&A, 30 min program introduction.

Recording available with registration.

Limited amount of participants on a Zoom platform.