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A Scheduled online course of theory to practice to
The Beginners Of Awakening Wholeness Path

Awakening Wholeness
Foundations Course

An Introduction to Infinite Unfolding of the Whole Being with

Self-System Wholeness Approach.


To integrally oriented practitioners, entrepreneurs, leaders, and everyone who wants to use their whole being and presence as an instrument to transformative, humane change.

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Open your curiosity within to bridge the gap between the worlds

Foundations of Unfolding

Basics of experiential learning and

ever-present wholeness as us, beside us, beyond us


Who is this for:

Emergent world leaders and problem solvers, entrepreneurs, professionals identifying working on complex problems and helping others with personal development and transformation. Spiritual teachers and practitioners who want to open themselves for growing and cleaning up practices towards more sustainable awakening to wholeness.

You are radically curious to learn new unknown ways, without knowing the outcomes by being an active learning agent self, you find passion in resolving dilemmas and want to understand “how the life works or who you are becoming”. You want to develop your inner wisdom and wholeness by understanding yourself, others and the world as they are by transforming your whole self-system to clarify perceptions and increase self-systemic awareness.

The Learning Process:

We learn to use the basic timeless principles of all of all life, development and personal transmutation supported by cutting edge science and ancient wisdom of the East and the West.

Integral Theory


Stages theory:

Mature 3.5 to Mature 4.0/Early 4.5

Meaning Making to


"Vertical Exchange is that wonderful, unbreakable life-giving exchange between the whole and the part, between the fractal and the reality that it bears. There's food given, nourishment offered in both directions."
Cynthia Bourgeaut

Awakening Wholeness Foundations



January 10, 2023

at 7 pm EET Helsinki

5 pm GMT London

12 pm ET New York

9 am PT Los Angeles


New material online every week on Tuesdays for 8 weeks. Two Q & A Sessions are held on Tuesdays February 7th and March 14th, at EET 7 pm Helsinki in Zoom.


Optional practice group for minimum of 3 people for 6 months are held on Tuesdays at EET 7 pm on the following days:

March 21st
April 18th

May 16th

June 13th

July 11th

August 8th

Kirsi's personal guidance for 6 x 6 months available for a program price.


Pioneering price


99 €

Foundations of Unfolding



  • The 3 Parts of course.

  • About 2,5 hours of video teaching.

  • One Q&A session on a given day and time with signed up participants. Recording is available.

  • The next Q&A 2022 will be:

June 28th at 6 pm, EET Helsinki (summer time)

  • You can study the course any time in your own pace and time. Remember to enroll to the Q&A to get the webinar link. If you can't join, please send questions on e-mail.

  • The course can be studied quickly, the integration can take longer time. Estimated study time of the course is 2 weeks and the Q & A is held after that when the registering closes.

  • Please download the manual at the bottom of the page for more information.

What you will get


Kirsi Mäkinen
Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach

Read my story


Join me to an introduction webinar

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Emergent world problem solving and inner development needs of

a self-system 2030

How does the new come into being and what does it take from each of us to follow through?
How to resolve self-systemic errors and avoid falling back to old ways of being and doing?

June 14th 2022
EET Helsinki 6 pm

1h presentation, 30min Q&A, 30 min program introduction.

Recording available with registration.

Limited amount of participants on a Zoom platform.

Intro Webinar
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