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An 8 Month Inner Development & Self-Other Healing Program to
Emergent World Problem Solving & Mysticism

Inner Alchemy of  Creative Wholeness and Wisdom

to heal and integrate consciousness, seeing through the illusions of reality and to create from the invisible world

Self-System Wholeness Approach to infinite unfolding of the whole being is a holistic personal transmutation and self-organizing capacity for integrally oriented problem solvers, spiritual healers, teachers, health coaches, group facilitators and emergent world leaders.

Aligned with UN Inner-Development Goals 2030.

the Myth of coming to being


My name is Kirsi Mäkinen, a founder, creator of Self-System Wholeness Approach, a teacher and a problem solver from Helsinki, Finland.

Sometimes the challenges we suffer from are ancient patterns of human consciousness evolution, still very alive within us today. As you see, the thousands of years old myth is still causing suffering to us. What we often don't realize is that the pattern is trying to show us the systemic errors, we need to work on to adapt our whole being to the new even more complex era of existence as individuals and collectives, part of global ecology, by participating with it to the becomingness process.

The UN Inner Development Goals 2030 already lists 23 skills needed from the "new self" living in a new complex world of emergence. I added one more skill to prepare people to resolve themselves more profoundly internally and externally as well.


Over the years of inner work of being and becoming a seed of evolution again and again and helping people to get out of their self-made traps, I have put together a program that helps you to adapt emerging world problem solving capacity, a process of evolving wisdom and wholeness and keep on resolving the ever present crisis' of human consciousness, that always keeps on moving, transcending and including.

How does "the new" come into being? And what does it take from each of us to follow through?


How to walk the path of endless creation and potential together with healing, integration and wholeness?

This is it!


"The most common story what I hear from people in my programs is how they are stuck with some part of their life or within themselves for any reason. They may not know how to change the situation and are often wondering whether they even should? They think about the price they must pay if they do it… They talk about their fears of transformation and how the current situation has served them well for years, maybe their whole life.

Some of these people are leaders of organizations working with complex problems or who have overloaded responsibilities and wishes to break away to live up to their full potential. Some of them are independent professionals or wounded healers noticing their even deeper inner responsibility as healers to heal themselves again and again... and some are people recovering from a personal life crisis and wanting to live in peace within to have a whole, holistic life and wisdom not to repeat the patterns. People with triggering dilemmas and curiosity to understand life, themselves and how everything works, often end up in my programs.


All these people with different kinds of backgrounds have one thing in common. Something has changed in their lives. They know, they need to change themselves to change their lives. They sense there is something in their  current state of being and have at least an intuitive knowing that they don’t want to return to the "old self" and continue living with half of who they can be.


They often look for courage, awareness or other inner skills to resolve their dilemma and ponder about contributing to the world by generating new and using their creative potential. They used to believe in knowledge as an answer, but are ready to open up to new ways of knowing internally.  They may not have a holding, loving community around them to support their inner process and the birth of the unknown sensitive new being arising from them so they may feel isolated or alone. They may not know who they are anymore and what the world is like which they are entering…so they need new playmates to find out and to rebuild the "new self".

They are already quite conscious people so they are aware of limitations, shadows, constraints or lack of awareness that is disrupting their lives so much, that it is impossible for them to continue with the “old self” anymore. They may have worked on their challenge for years, but haven't found a sustainable way to emergent transformation of their whole being, doing and knowing. They are ready to become warriors or light and defenders of the darkness to put a stop to the wobble between the worlds causing so much suffering within their consciousness and become a whole new self-system."

Are you curious to understand more?

The Program
 structure and content
 Interrelated Modules
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Module 1

Foundations of Unfolding

Independent self-study online course of the Self-System Wholeness theory and introduction to unfolding of consciousness.

Read more here

The module is required and prepares you to Inner Alchemy of Creative Wholeness & Wisdom, 8 month inner development and practice program of emergent world problem solving and mystery.

Self-System Wholeness is based on Eastern philosophies, spirituality, Jungian psychology, vertical adult development, cognitive science and shadow work.

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Module 2

Inner Alchemy of Creative Wholeness and Wisdom

An 8 Month Inner Development & Self Leadership Practice Program to Emerging World Problem Solving & Mystery

The elements of integrated practice

One consciousness.

Two opposing dynamics.

Three dimensions.

Four different realities.

In addition, you will learn 8 lenses for facilitating emerging systemic problem solving, inner integration, healing, coaching, teaching.


The program gives practitioner principles and grounding to work with and work on the emergent phenomenon within in self-other-world relationships, embody self-mutative timeless capacity and integrate awareness. The practice program answers on the "how" to apply Self-System Wholeness Approach in all life.

This program prepares the most passionate practitioners to continue into the 3th module of Self-System Wholeness Approach, which will emerge later when there is a request for that.


What you will learn

Self-System Wholeness is based on Eastern philosophies, spirituality, Jungian psychology, vertical adult development, cognitive science and shadow work.

The program facilitates the self-other healing from infinite suffering to spiritual emergence transmuting identities of separate self releasing experiences of liberation and presence of being in connection to self and other in a timeless, co-emerging awareness.


"Inner Alchemy of Creative Wholeness & Wisdom is a fully integrated program uniting the ancient wisdom and natural humane longing to wholeness into our current time cutting edge science of human development as practical systemic approach to reveal deeper, hidden meanings and principles serving the healing of separation and awakening of humanity from the loss of meaning, spirituality and hope with realized inner knowing, discovery of eternal youth and healthy living, transmuting human consciousness into appreciation of humbleness, interconnectedness, personal experience and value of life itself."

Kirsi Mäkinen


Bridging the gap between current self and new self

How to participate into a being - becominess process consciously to allow emergence of aspirational new self and how to work with consciousness to optimize and automatize the inner wisdom to work with you, for you and as you regardless the phenomenon, aspiration or dilemma.

Navigating three ways of knowing, being and doing

How to differentiate, understand and navigate the self-system wholeness using 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person perspectives.

How to perceive and take perspective on the system internally and externally. How to correct systemic errors, identities, adapt and integrate parts and wholes of consciousness.

Skillful problem solving

How lead a  problem solving of self-emerging adaptive system in balance with what is? Learning to define a reachable dilemma and identifying initial state of being.

Crystallizing the self-organizing inner wisdom, avoid systemic mind traps, reflect and aim on plausibility.

How to gain relevant insight and maturity of understanding through multiple applications.

Holistic integrative dynamic process

How to engage aspirational or emerging phenomenon from the moment by integrating different poles of consciousness and differentiating a becomingness process from the current being, knowing and doing. Feedback loops of inner being and presence and outer knowing and absence.

Transforming maladapative self-systemic patterns

How to identify, heal, integrate self-systemic adaptation errors, shadows and constraints to liberate life force (chi), facilitate the flow of consciousness and embody the new beingness.

Becoming aware of shadows, trauma and resolving and integrating them.

Increasing Full Spectrum Wholeness

Increasing awareness and learning to navigate the self-system as whole at different levels of consciousness in the moment by contemplative and mindful sense making practices allowing coincidence of the opposites and active imagination.

Deconstructing old frames, reconstructing new ones

How to decode old concepts and ways of seeing, hearing, knowing, being, doing and becoming to reconstruct our  internal and external environments of a self-system, filter signaling from noise and increase wholeness transmuting illusions of reality.

Curiosity & Wonder

Curiosity and wonder are tools to make sense of virtuous life as us, beside us and beyond us.

Activating and becoming curious of "irrational" knowing of the moment, learning to use symbols of the symbols, dreams, stories and unconscious, unknown phenomenon as a source of new realizations and self-awareness development.

Balancing the self-systemic wholeness

The inner alchemy we learn to use and embody, guides your way and awareness development balancing optimal structures and functionality of the whole system by learning to work with parts and wholes, dissolve boundaries, liberate energy and create space to feel, sense, be and hold the-and perspectives and ..possibly experience non-dual states.

Facilitating conflict resolution and systemic integration

Part of human development is how we differentiate and co-create ourselves vertically and horizontally over our cycles of life. This raises polar-opposites which enhance creativity of new insights to be born. Sometimes it takes time before the perspectives balance and re-integrate into our self-system wholeness. On the other hand, how do we heal and accept the current system.

Riding the waves of uncertainty and complexity of the moment

To optimize inexhaustible unfolding and flow of consciousness and take full responsibility of individual and collective healing, joy of being and balancing healthiness of your inner alchemy, we learn to use feeling - sensing depth solutions within and with others, stand in between everything and be comfortable with uncertainty and what is here and now. Life unfolds from the now.

You will learn to use 8 different lenses to interpret what is.


Systemic awareness

Ontological - Epistemological


Vertical developmental


Spiritual inner alchemy


Facilitation, coaching or problem solving  tools

Inner process awareness

Becoming aware of our body-mind and spirit, deconstructing our typology, and the treasure hidden in parts, gives us insight on the structures we are holding which might limit or liberate us. We practice navigating our awareness system self with guidance and with others to liberate the frozen parts, feeling the momentary experiences, verbalizing them and being with what is. We allow the reciprocal awareness to arise to move us towards momentary identity shift and integrating our experience into action.

Self-system integration of the whole spiral

How the time comes into this moment, how do we own our developmental journey over the years?

What is in your awareness and what is not?

How do individual and collective understanding of  of the 3rd person reality transform to a social construction or reality at 4th and from the 4th to the individual construction of reality at 5th person perspective.

Creating conditions to liberate presence and the whole beingness

 An awareness practice of unfolding requires that all the levels of depth, the body, mind and spirit are connected into a relational practice.  All the relevant cognitive functions are brought into awareness, contemplated, released and healed.

The self realizes itself in connection to natural wholeness, the illusion of separation disappears and eternal innate wisdom can unfold.

Monthly commitment to self and the group

1. Week
Self-study and online practices available.

2. Week
Big Group Learning Sessions with Kirsi Mäkinen

3. Week
Pair/small Group Practice.

"A well that is fed by a spring of living water is a good well. A man/woman, who has virtues like a well of this sort is born to be a leader of others, for he/she has the water of life. The water is to be drawn. The best water is only a potentiality for refreshment as long as it is not brought up. One should drink from the spring of their words and translate them into life.


The well is for all, no-one can take the water from it, and all find what they need. It is a spring that never runs dry and a great blessing to the whole. The same is true of the really great people, whose inner wealth is inexhaustible."

I CHING, A book of changes


What you will get

Module 2

The 8 month Cohort Program

Inner Alchemy of Creative Wholeness
and Wisdom

An 8 month personal development program

  • 8 Online teaching sessions (2h) with Kirsi Mäkinen with the whole cohort.

  • 8 Practice sets
    (Video teachings and downloadable PDF-materials. You will also get the downloadable material of the Foundations course and the theory is updated with practice. Training is not about gaining  a lots of knowledge, but becoming curious to build the needed "inner alchemy of knowing" supported by relevant, but not overwhelming  practices to use weekly.


  • An online community platform of committed study buddies to interact with the cohort members anytime. Kirsi visits the community weekly to answer questions.

  • Regular practice in pairs and small groups to work on your personal shadows, awareness, sense making and using the monthly practice and earlier learned theory while supporting the others.

  • 2 big group live Q&A sessions with Kirsi Mäkinen.

  • 2 Personal 1 h guidance sessions with Kirsi Mäkinen.

  • A certificate of the completion.

Who is this for

International online cohorts of 6-16 people.


This program is for passionate inner problem solvers with radically open mind, inspired to create themselves more consciously again and again, who wish to develop their inter-intrarelational awareness and self-other leadership of depth and all areas of cognition (being-thinking-relating-collaborating-acting) to transform and embody new ways of being, doing and knowing that optimize integration of our cognitive capacities vertically and horizontally, bringing our past and future into this moment.


This is a program where we don't learn particular scientific methods or processes but become processes, based on already validated and commonly used principles of human development by several disciplines of knowing. We also believe that the most valuable way for reaching "knowing" is still the daringly courageous, heart-felt and discerning development of "individual inner wisdom" in co-creation with the emerging world. This kind of knowing is not about knowing a method or a theory, it's about becoming a "method and a theory" over the relational transformations again and again in action. This process becomes more and more nuanced and takes deeper levels of depth together with the evolution of whole capacity and in time with persevere practice you may start noticing being an endless, effortless motion of energy, or increased differentiation and integration in the same time in your awareness...with even more practice you may notice becoming awareness of awareness, you tell me how it feels for you?


We invite participants to explore, re-create more freely to learn, grow, develop, evolve and unfold themselves through all emerging awareness and learn to trust themselves and their own way of seeing as an emergent evolving process of consciousness. During the program you'll learn practical inner alchemy, practices towards self-creative mastery of ancient wisdom and wholeness, slay the inner dragons on the way and return to the light with the treasure. (Notice that my concept of self includes the other). This program is not about knowing how things are or how they "should be". This is about becoming aware of the not-knowing how they are, daring to look at it, look through it, be with it (also possible pain) and find our ever present wholeness and wisdom to bring it back to our current time for integration. This program is about learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and uncertainty and participating life to transform the reality we hold. This is about liberating presence and realizing what it means in the emergent world. It also helps you learn flowing ways of living and gaining back lost experience of power. This is why the program also encourages people recovering from illness or trauma to find their natural agency again in connection with the world.


This program teaches principles and theory only for what is needed to increase your curiosity and wonder to find out the rest on your own starting from within with the support of the group that operates as an online container and a "laboratory" to share and exchange experience, make more sense, deconstruct, ask questions, inquire without preconditions to what we are learning. We are learning from every moment and from all the people and understanding what learning is, is part of the learning. You are most likely curious about questions like "how does "the new" come in to being again and again" and dare to problematize your own being to build a more robust "inner alchemy", which is your asset here and now to grasp reality from within.

The only developmental requirement is that you are able to identify parts in your awareness. In the program you can practice 2-3 difficulty levels where they are needed and also the dynamics between them and Full Spectrum Wholeness.

The intention of the program is to give inner development practices to people who one way or the other work on to influence resolution of the emergent world problems with their collectives. The core of the program is a meditative-like practice without being a commonly known meditation.

This is a self-other healing and integration program where you are learning to live from the moment and increase presence of being with mutual creation of involution and evolution. The practice program is enhancing 4th person perspective integration in time since we learn to shift subject to object continuously. If you have done developmental assessments recently before, you may use the practices to explore it new ways. To know more about developmental perspective, please download the program manual.

"By healing ourselves, we heal the others and the world around us.
We grow up holistically healthier children,
Lead with integrity and grace,
Act from secure state of relating
In alignment with nature as it is


This is a program that benefits from people of different backgrounds to support themselves while supporting the healing and integration of others.


People and professionals identifying with the following groups are likely to gain skills and capacity to use the learning at work too:

    • Emergent world leaders and entrepreneurs.

    • People working on global challenges or complex problems.

    • People recovering from illness or trauma.

    • Mental health professionals.

    • Spiritual teachers, health coaches.

    • Teaching professionals in institutions.

    • Political and organizational decision makers.

The Well of Wisdom and Wholeness
3 layers of the universe 2.png

The infinite source of life and wisdom

Self-System Wholeness

The "Self-System Wholeness Approach" allows you to embody the inner alchemy to reconstruct being, doing and knowing processes to look at something, look through something, look from and beyond to build a nested interrelated understanding to integrate perceptions of self, system, shadow and spirit to impact on society and planet.


It helps the perceiver to explain the observed phenomena what there is, what it is like and why it is to make new meaning and deconstruct the perceived reality, it’s illusions, beliefs and enhance systemic potential to change. As a pattern of change, the approach helps the perceiver to integrate structures of consciousness, pay attention to the moment, participate to the becomingness process, optimize emergent insights to gain and use relevant understanding in decision making and own clearer, bias free intentions to use power in co-creation with of all of life.


The "Self-System Wholeness Approach" is based on cognitive science, Eastern philosophy, Jung’s depth psychology, vertical human development, shadow work and plus tens of other theoretical or methodological principles which are integrated to the approach.

The first cohort program starts

September 20th 2022

at 6 pm EET Helsinki

4 pm GMT London

11 am EST New York

8 am PST Los Angeles

Artboard 8 copy 4_2x.png

The big group learning sessions are held on Tuesdays at 6 pm EET Helsinki,
in Zoom online platform, duration 1,5h.


The pair and small group schedules are organized by the groups themselves.

The 8 Zoom calls:

Beginning session September 20th 2022
October 18th
November 15th
December 13th

January 10th 2023
February 7th
March 7th
April 4th

Group Calls

The 8 month development program

Inner Alchemy of Creative Wholeness and Wisdom

Artboard 8 copy 4_2x.png

Pioneering price


3 500 € incl. VAT

Limited amount of slots on sale

September 2022

Payment with credit card 1 / 2 / 4 times

Registration is open!

Artboard 8 copy 2_2x.png

Leave an application

"Hi, would you be interested in the 8 month personal development program? You can leave an application and tell more about your own inner development goals and motivations to join the cohort.

I will contact you after receiving your application to book a meeting where we estimate together if this is the right program for you. You can also book a Zoom call with me, if that's what you prefer." 

Warm regards,

Kirsi Mäkinen


Kirsi Mäkinen
Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach

Read my story


Join me to an introduction webinar

Emergent world problem solving and inner development needs of a self-system 2030

What kind of inner development is needed now, 2030, from individuals and collectives to resolve complex emergent world problems?

How does the new come into being and what does it take from each of us to follow through?

June 14th 2022
EET Helsinki 6 pm

1h presentation, 30min Q&A, 30 min program introduction.

Recording available with registration.

Maximum 100 participants on Zoom platform.

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