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An Orientation Course to Whole Being Development and,

An Inner Evolution of Creative Leadership & Entrepreneur Spirit

Awakening Wholeness
Foundations course

Awakening awareness to itself, seeing through the illusions of reality, to create from the invisible world, unite with the Whole Self and living and leading a creative life.

The programs are parts of Awakening Wholeness Path, philosophy and practice to whole being development and orienting to be and embody awareness what you actually are in all life, relationships and leadership through your creations.

Spiral Staircase


What and to whom

This course is for developmentally oriented creative practitioners, conscious businesses, spiritual entrepreneurs, and leaders sharing their gifts of service for the collective wholes, who are curious to unfold, inquire and open their minds to personal realizations of deeper truths under the surface, consciousness evolution, and integrating personal passion and creativity with all of life to own their creative leadership capacity and what I call "entrepreneur interior".

During the Foundations Course you become aware of awareness as a process of learning, change and gradually iterating practice within and with others, and how the different realities emerge through your own experiences and how you generate meaning. This course is not trying to show you final answers, but how you can be the answer to all your inquiries and a new subject to your environment every day, learning to see your life with playful, curious, child-like eyes again and again.

The course presents a theory of practice and is an independent background to understanding how whole being development happens as personal evolutionary practice and process every moment and over time. This course is also a developmental invitation to renew your relationship to creation and creativity to a multidimensional learning process holding entrepreneur spirit.


This course gives foundations to deepening self-inquiry through the whole being development and awareness and an introduction to conscious awareness based creative problem solving, and giving birth to emergent worlds, imagination and experiences to leaders and practitioners resolving dilemmas for their systemic contexts by using their direct experience and realizations within to create transformative conditions without. They need presence awareness based inner instruments, which are usable in the now and an evolutionary process to stay attuned.


Evolutionary purpose for the practitioner


Awakening Wholeness Foundations Course is the first and necessary introductory course of Awakening Wholeness Path, Philosophy and Practice to Creative Leadership and Illuminating Mind. Alone, it is not yet enough to fully embody the theory of practice, and requires practicing theory to embody the learning and to continue practicing self in all your life contexts which generates ever widening, deepening and heightening wisdom of self-others-world context and using intrinsic motivation, personal passion, and creativity within with others, through the unknown to clear seeing and implementation. This Path is the inner evolution for the creative leadership development and realizing entrepreneur spirit.

Inner Evolution Practice to Creative Leadership Development

Change and transformation are not hard, when you embody a new orientation to all of life, learning from life, as a self-organizing whole being, through the dilemmas, pain and challenges which arise from this moment and yet keep your eyes at the back of your head in the updating and evolving purpose, agreed within the inner culture and reflected against your outer reality. Awakening Wholeness Foundations Course is the theory of practice and the first part of inner development to creative leadership to gain inner wisdom to understand and embody what is true to me and us, become aware of the interior structures of consciousness which liberate and resist our journeys at the same time to understand how our inner lives influence the outer strategies, creative actions and other way around.

The 4 different realities/quadrants to explore and become curious about to understand internally and externally.

The horizontal wheel of reflections / the quadrants to explore and become curious about, where consciousness awakens repeatedly.

world clock.jpg

The Creative Leadership is illuminating the mind to unite the vertical wheel and the horizontal wheel in 4 dimensions to liberate the flow of the spiral and the boundless creation from the now and over time.

The vertical wheel of evolving awareness 

where consciousness transcends and includes  awareness repeatedly.

The Course Content

Free online material to download before the course to learn the concepts used.

Session 1

Duration 2 hours

Presentation,  group practice, discussion and integration.

Re-framing the myths of boundless creation and creative capacity

Creation of the context to the course topic and themes. What is creation, who are the creatives we mean and how the general Western ideas of creation turn to fully embodied ownership of creative leadership potentials, recognizing intrinsic motivation and creative spirit for the evolutionary learning process. Differentiating and re-integrating understandings of creative leadership structure, process, practice, roles and relationships, which create the whole that we unfold during the course. Theory and discussion.

Session 2

Duration 3 hours

Presentation,  group practice, discussion and integration.

Becoming aware of the 4 different realities within to identify creation

Being-becoming a process awareness requires identifying incompleteness as normal part of evolution as intentional and purposeful choice to explore the unknown from the presence awareness. We learn developmental self-inquiry to open curiosity and reflective awareness to differentiate who I am now, where I think I am going, where do I come from, how do I translate my experiences to others and what are the few most important inquiries to pose to myself daily basis. Practice, theory and playful dialogue with participants.

Session 3

Duration 2 hours

Presentation,  group practice, discussion and integration.

Evolution of the creation with presence awareness

Becoming aware of becoming aware of the inner navigation system and how it functions within you. Who you think you are now, who you actually are and who you are already becoming at the same time. We learn what it means to be present awareness with momentary experience of life, where the growth and transformations happen.  Basics of evolution, integration, transcendence and inclusion from practice perspective. Theory, practice and discussion.

Session 4

Duration 2 hours

Presentation,  group practice, discussion and integration.

Liberating resistances to transformation

During this session we become aware of how human mind makes itself a dilemma. Increasing awareness of the ego-Self relationship, meaning of the constraints to creative development and how you participate to creation and dissolution of your experiences, positive and negative, and how you can also liberate yourself from those. Theory, practice and discussion.

Session 5

Duration 2 hours

This session follows your inquiries and discussion from all of you to me and each other.

Q & A, updating own understanding as a whole through the whole

This course is full of information, more than anyone can take in this short period of time. We play yin and yang, collective inquiry and update our understandings and reflections during the dialogue from all of us to all of you and witness how the collective turns into inquiries, how is our presence awareness, what takes our attention and what intentions we might have. This session is playful session to witness self in action with others, how we participate together to the co-creation of the collective Whole Self.

Session 6

Duration 2 hours

Presentation, discussion and integration.

Being-becoming whole being

Human being is a whole in the beginning with, yet our individuality differentiates with evolution and integration of the mind. Awareness who we are is always beyond the mind structure and more available from presence. During this session, we draw together the Whole Being Development as short conclusion of a life time journey and how the wholeness plays essential part in conscious creation from awareness and liberation of the limiting structures to allow, learn and embody the flow of consciousness every moment. You also gain a completion process booklet to continue home.

Awakening Wholeness Foundations to

Whole Being Development

undivided-divided whole1.png

Theoretical foundations of the programs


AI generated images.

Preconditions for the program:

You may be a Jungian enthusiast on an individuation journey and open to readjust your awareness and practices to see how to apply Jung's wisdom into current time vertical adult development and consciousness practice. Notice, this is awareness based inner work, not theoretical learning so you need deep curiosity to open the mysteries within and participate to the practice.


In addition to Jung, the Basic knowledge and experience of Terri O'Fallon's Stages theory, Ken Wilber's Integral theory, and Eastern philosophies are a good background, but any work of vertical adult development is good enough.

Making meaning through Jung's Inner Alchemy with Current Time Applications

Are your curious to embark on a true Warrior's Journey through your own consciousness which Jung grew through during his life time to  understand and make more sense of meaning making systems, human evolution of consciousness and himself.


This is a personal practice program of inner alchemy or a inner guidance system together with current cutting edge developmental principles to inquire your meaning making, follow your life dilemmas to individuate and integrate, transcend, and deconstruct the self to follow the journey (home) what Jung called individuation and and realization of wholeness and true Self.

We don't study Jung's theories as such, because that is not helpful for where you are as a practitioner. I have heard many inquiries from people who have studied Jung and instead I offer you my own inner guidance system, based on his work, human development and consciousness practice, where you receive tools to practice and dissolve Jung's core concepts and theories and become internally aware of his model of psyche with current time cutting edge applications.


I have often heard questions based on Jung's theories, where people are looking for tools and practices to use that innately intriguing knowledge which Jung wrote about.
- "how do I use this theory to..." 
- "How to do shadow work or and work with complexes"...
- "How does alchemy really work in practice..."

-"what does coincidences of the opposites really mean..."

- "How do I integrate the Self, Shadow and the Soul?"

- "How do collective unconscious theory relate to Eastern meditation practice?"


During this course you receive awareness based practice processes to start realizing what Jung did when working on your shadows, Self, soul-images, collective and personal unconscious, wholeness and of course the ego is always part of the play.  All this increases and integrates self-awareness and lets go of it more and more.


We dive deep into Jung's model of psyche to deconstruct and reconstruct new meaning of our own realizations and experience. Notice that Jung grew up 4 stages of development during his career into meta conscious awareness and this course also gives you internally adoptable tools to start walking that path self. For Jung it was 40 year career and evolution, so the orientation for being a process awareness rather running for final outcomes is needed.

The Iterating awareness awakening to itself

The pioneering cohort program starts

Feb 1th 2024

at 7 pm EET/EEST Helsinki

- 2 h, GMT London

- 7 h, EST New York

- 9-10h, PST Los Angeles

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The big group learning sessions are held on Tuesdays at 7 pm EET/EEST Helsinki,
in Zoom online platform, duration 1,5 h.


The small group schedules are organized by the groups themselves.

The schedule

Beginning session September 20th 2022
October 18th
November 15th
December 13th

January 10th 2023
February 7th
March 7th
April 4th

Group Calls

Kirsi Mäkinen
Creative Alchemist,

Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach

Read my story


Join me to an introduction webinar

Emergent world problem solving and inner development needs of a self-system 2030

What kind of inner development is needed now, 2030, from individuals and collectives to resolve complex emergent world problems?

How does the new come into being and what does it take from each of us to follow through?

June 14th 2023
/EEST Helsinki 7 pm

1h presentation and Q&A.

Maximum 100 participants on Zoom platform.

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