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A Developmental Orientation Whole Being Living To Leaders, Professionals and Practitioners Sharing Their Gifts of Service With the World

Universal Harmony,
A Dialogue to Peace

becoming aware of becoming aware, seeing through the illusions of reality and to create from the invisible world.

 Awareness based application of Jung's Inner Alchemy and current cutting edge science to conscious entrepreneurship with Eastern Wisdom to cultivate co-emerging intelligence through whole beingness to shift consciousness, individuate and integrate the psyche.

Awakening Wholeness Foundations to

Universal Harmony,

A Dialogue to Peace, Wholeness & Effortlessness of Life


To conscious business leaders, coaches, facilitators and consciousness practitioners

uniting whole being awareness into their work with evolutionary principles to facilitate co-generated wisdom of the 4 directions of development and responsible humanity.

Join me to a curious wonder and warrior’s journey to deconstruct the self,

reconnect the Spirit and unite with your personal passion,

purpose and divine Self, Spirit, and Soul. This is a personal consciously creative life practice to individuate, integrate, transcend and own your whole self-system and growing awareness to bridge dilemmas of your existing reality, to increase embodied knowing, conscious awareness, witnessing and aware presence of the whole being.


Becoming Aware Of
Becoming Aware Presence

The Part 1 introduces you to the Inner Guidance System, Liberation Process and  evolutionary principles of the Creative Wholeness Life Practice. How the Jungian model of psyche is applied through Western vertical adult developmental practices and Eastern consciousness based principles to awaken wholeness and whole humaneness to grow-up, clean-up, wake-up and show-up consciously aware presence in all life contexts.

3 modules, 12 weeks, personal and pair practice to learn the basics to apply at any context. Online material and Q&A.


Creative Wholeness Life Practice Program

to practical learning of the Inner Guidance System & Liberation Process

The Part 2 is practice based, 8 month, cohort program to apply the Creative Wholeness Life Practice principles, learned at part 1, within self, with others and the world. The program includes weekly personal, pair and group practice, online guidance and Q&A.

Recommended to developmental stages

4.0, 4.5 and 5.0.


Awakening Wholeness,

An Inner Guidance System


A Liberation Process 3+1 to Self Transcendence


Co-Generated Wisdom of


  • Creative Wholeness Life Practice, is a timeless process to learn a conscious, dynamical path to realize the true self, navigate, transform and unite the inner and the outer reality to integrate self-consciousness  and life.


  • To address the unavoidable and move from knowing to not-knowing, living with uncertainty, to alleviate potential suffering caused by ego's resistance to transformation when transcending the meanings and attachments of the self, uniting the inner and outer realities, to see beyond the illusions of life and creating from the invisible answer for what we are called to do as members of the mankind with love and compassion.


To Whom:

  • To Integrally Informed and developmentally aware, depth practitioners, leaders, coaches, consultants, teachers, complex problem solvers, meditation practitioners, artists and other independent professionals to align their personal transformation and sharing of their gifts of service with  the world.

Theoretical foundations of the programs


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Preconditions for the program:

You may be a Jungian enthusiast on an individuation journey and open to readjust your awareness and practices to see how to apply Jung's wisdom into current time vertical adult development and consciousness practice. Notice, this is awareness based inner work, not theoretical learning so you need deep curiosity to open the mysteries within and participate to the practice.


In addition to Jung, the Basic knowledge and experience of Terri O'Fallon's Stages theory, Ken Wilber's Integral theory, and Eastern philosophies are a good background, but any work of vertical adult development is good enough.

Making meaning through Jung's Inner Alchemy with Current Time Applications

Are your curious to embark on a true Warrior's Journey through your own consciousness which Jung grew through during his life time to  understand and make more sense of meaning making systems, human evolution of consciousness and himself.


This is a personal practice program of inner alchemy or a inner guidance system together with current cutting edge developmental principles to inquire your meaning making, follow your life dilemmas to individuate and integrate, transcend, and deconstruct the self to follow the journey (home) what Jung called individuation and and realization of wholeness and true Self.

We don't study Jung's theories as such, because that is not helpful for where you are as a practitioner. I have heard many inquiries from people who have studied Jung and instead I offer you my own inner guidance system, based on his work, human development and consciousness practice, where you receive tools to practice and dissolve Jung's core concepts and theories and become internally aware of his model of psyche with current time cutting edge applications.


I have often heard questions based on Jung's theories, where people are looking for tools and practices to use that innately intriguing knowledge which Jung wrote about.
- "how do I use this theory to..." 
- "How to do shadow work or and work with complexes"...
- "How does alchemy really work in practice..."

-"what does coincidences of the opposites really mean..."

- "How do I integrate the Self, Shadow and the Soul?"

- "How do collective unconscious theory relate to Eastern meditation practice?"


During this course you receive awareness based practice processes to start realizing what Jung did when working on your shadows, Self, soul-images, collective and personal unconscious, wholeness and of course the ego is always part of the play.  All this increases and integrates self-awareness and lets go of it more and more.


We dive deep into Jung's model of psyche to deconstruct and reconstruct new meaning of our own realizations and experience. Notice that Jung grew up 4 stages of development during his career into meta conscious awareness and this course also gives you internally adoptable tools to start walking that path self. For Jung it was 40 year career and evolution, so the orientation for being a process awareness rather running for final outcomes is needed.

Unpacking Awakening Wholeness,
Making meaning of unknowing knowing to transcend the selfing dilemmas and realizing the truth, good, and the beautiful.

The Eastern waking up solution is to escape the selfing aspect, and to realize the pure objects and divine nature. The West does the opposite by growing up the ego to feel complete in the material reality. Neither of them works holistically, and can cause suffering since humanness tends to attach on self(ing), but together they can make a functional whole with horizontal cleaning up practice that eventually leads to dissolution of the self, and  showing-up as new "Awakened Wholeness", an integrated, transcended awareness.


This process will take you towards your Divine Self/Spirit or the True Self as Jung called it. This re-union with your True Self is what I hold as the Self-Transcendence where the Liberation Process 3+1 can take you. The process and the evolution of the form (you), never stops, but the nature of that process is formless/timeless after that.

The signature system based on the Jungian inner alchemical process 3+1=4=1, demonstrates the iterating consciousness pattern with no.3= process, a continuous unfolding and change and no. 4, which represents the realized outcome of the whole process, transcended experience of an ego, which is one whole circle of momentary experience/transcendence or a whole journey of evolution and time of human life.


The same universal principle of evolution of the mind is used by developmental psychology to build foundational practices to cognitive transformations and they call it ego-development in adult life. This pattern starts unfolding when the first ego starts to grow and moves until the ego/self-transcendence. We have 5 egos to embody to complete the journey and the 6th one is in timelessness according to Terri O'Fallon. For the statistics, the modern world is now transitioning from 3rd to 4th ego right now in Western societies. The Liberation Process 3+1, is created for the transformative pioneers working on to help the others, and societies to shift paradigms by alleviating potential suffering that appears.

Who is the collective practitioner context made for? invites the practitioner at 4th or 5th person perspectives to embark the journey. This is the path which Jung grew through and recognized as well during his life-time career. This context covers 4 stages (collective stages 4.0-4.5 and individual 5.0-5.5 / O'Fallon). The both personas live in the same collective context and use the same mandala structures in the practice.





The Iterating Awareness,
Evolution, integration and liberation of the whole being

The next cohort program starts

August 1th 2023

at 7 pm EET/EEST Helsinki

- 2 h, GMT London

- 7 h, EST New York

- 9-10h, PST Los Angeles

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The big group learning sessions are held on Tuesdays at 7 pm EET/EEST Helsinki,
in Zoom online platform, duration 1,5 h.


The small group schedules are organized by the groups themselves.

The schedule

Beginning session September 20th 2022
October 18th
November 15th
December 13th

January 10th 2023
February 7th
March 7th
April 4th

Group Calls

Kirsi Mäkinen
Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach

Read my story


Join me to an introduction webinar

Emergent world problem solving and inner development needs of a self-system 2030

What kind of inner development is needed now, 2030, from individuals and collectives to resolve complex emergent world problems?

How does the new come into being and what does it take from each of us to follow through?

June 14th 2023
/EEST Helsinki 7 pm

1h presentation and Q&A.

Maximum 100 participants on Zoom platform.

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