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Self-System Wholeness Approach in
Coaching and Mentoring

To developmentally aware advanced practitioners, leaders and entrepreneurs aspiring to use their whole creativity, being and presence to facilitate emergence of new with others or to create new in service for the whole.

Awareness based orientation to operate at present time, embody your whole potential, be and act responsibly as aware creative spirits in service for the whole.

Self-System Wholeness transforms the direct experiences, through the eyes of the individual presence. This changes perceptions and reality continuously and

increases development of inexhaustibly evolving transformational skills that together allow the evolution of personal and transcendental wisdom.

The Western work life already has a lot of knowledge and intellect of the mind, but what is missing is evolutionary wisdom and presence to create from the complex, uncertain and unknown new context where the Western organizations often operate. This is why we need to embrace wisdom skills, which are evolving product of aware presence. This is awareness based coaching practice where you learn the practice itself while participating coaching dialogue. This also gives you tools and practices to continue on your own as well. My intention is to help you to learn to do this yourself with my courses and coaching.

What is Creative Wholeness Coaching/Mentoring


What are the wisdom skills


  • The structure of the mandala is always reflected on and experienced. Wholeness is underlying all emergence and always there, in the same time each one of us has our current integrated wholeness stage, which I call "AWAKENED WHOLENESS" and fully embodied persona at every active stage.