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An Inner Transformation & Awareness Based Technology to
Emergent World Problem Solving & Mystery

Self-System Wholeness

The 4 Parts of Awareness Based Trainings to

Grow-up Personal Consciousness, Clean-Up Confusions on the Way and to Awaken to the Ever-Present Wholeness as a Co-Emerging Creation of

Inexhaustible Well of Wisdom and Liberated Presence

to integrally oriented problem solvers, spiritual teachers, health coaches, group facilitators and emergent world leaders transforming themselves to transform the others.

the Myth of coming to being


My name is Kirsi Mäkinen, a founder, creator of Self-System Wholeness Approach, a teacher and a problem solver from Helsinki, Finland.

Sometimes the challenges we suffer from are ancient patterns of human consciousness evolution, still very alive within us today. As you see, the thousands of years old myth is still causing suffering to us. What we often don't realize is that the pattern is trying to show us the systemic errors, we need to work on to adapt our whole being to the new even more complex era of existence as individuals and collectives, part of global ecology, by participating with it to the co-creative birthing process.


Over the years of inner work of being and becoming a seed of evolution again and again and helping people to get out of their self-made traps, I have put together a program that helps you to adapt emerging world problem solving capacity, a process of evolving wisdom and wholeness and keep on resolving the ever present crisis' of human consciousness, that always keeps on moving, transcending and including.

How does "the new" come into being? And what does it take from each of us to follow through?


How to walk the path of endless creation and potential together with healing, integration and wholeness?

This is it!


"The most common story what I hear from people in my courses is how they are stuck with some part of their life or within themselves for any reason. They may not know how to change the situation and are often wondering whether they even should? They think about the price they must pay if they do it… They talk about their fears of transformation and how the current situation has served them well for years, maybe their whole life.

Some of these people are leaders of organizations working with complex problems or who have overloaded responsibilities and wishes to break away to live up to their full potential. Some of them are independent professionals or wounded healers noticing their even deeper inner responsibility as healers to heal themselves again and again... and some are people recovering from a personal life crisis and wanting to live in peace within to have a whole, holistic life and wisdom not to repeat the patterns. People with triggering dilemmas and curiosity to understand life, themselves and how everything works under the surfice, often end up in my programs.


All these people with different kinds of backgrounds have one thing in common. Something has changed in their lives. They know, they need to change themselves to change their lives. They sense there is something in their  current state of being and have at least an intuitive knowing that they don’t want to return to the "old self" and continue living with half of who they can be.


They often look for courage, awareness or other inner skills to resolve their dilemma and ponder about contributing to the world by generating new and using their creative potential. They used to believe in knowledge as an answer, but are ready to open up to new ways of knowing internally.  They may not have a holding, loving community around them to support their inner process and the birth of the unknown sensitive new being arising from them so they may feel isolated or alone. They may not know who they are anymore and what the world is like which is arising within…so they need new playmates to find out and to rebuild the "new self".

They are already quite conscious people so they are aware of limitations, shadows, constraints or lack of awareness that is disrupting their lives so much, that it is impossible for them to continue old ways anymore. They may have worked on their challenge for years, but haven't found a sustainable way to emergent transformation of their whole being, doing and knowing. They are ready to become warriors or light and defenders of the darkness to put a stop to the wobble between the worlds causing so much suffering within their consciousness and become a whole new self-system by enlivening their creative wholeness and wisdom."

Are you curious to understand more?

Self-System Wholeness
 A Holistic, Evolutionary, Personal Transformation and Awareness Based Life Practice Technology & Certification
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The Structure and the Content
 Interrelated Independent Parts for the Different Levels of Commitment
Self-System Wholeness
Awareness Based Life Practice Technology Training
For the Beginners
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Transform Your Reality,

Become Aware of Your Whole Potential & Conscious Context

Let's Receive a New View on Your Dilemma

and Put It in Self-System Wholeness

Consciousness Based Context

Implementation and purpose

Realize a new larger reality to transform Self, Self-System, Shadow and Spirit and/or heal and integrate consciousness, increase systemic awareness, creative life approach and responsible relationship on earth consciousness. The consultation is an option of introduction to self-systemic wholeness, consciousness context and easy way to continue at introduction course or at Emergent World Leader Coaching Program.


  • 2 x 1,5 hour meetings to create a map of wholeness of your personal dilemma, problem, paradox, which you wish to resolve and work on.

  • 2 x 1 hour Self-System Wholeness Coaching to co-generate a perception of a more whole new being and wholeness to start practice self or at introduction program.

  • Potentially written and video material to facilitate your learning and pre-learning assignments.


  • Basic understanding of Ken Wilber's Integral theory, levels, quadrants, states, stages, typology, lines. 

  • At least some theoretical knowledge of adult development based on Terri O'Fallon's Stages theory, (stages, confusions, transitions)

  • Awareness and need for inner work, healing and more coherent perceptions of life.

  • Deep curiosity to wonder, uncertainty and not knowing anything.

Book a Zoom meeting to ask more and apply

  • Continuous applications

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A 12 week, 3 month Introduction Course to

Awareness Based Inner Transformation Technology to Emergent World Problem Solving & Mystery

Introduction to

Creative Wholeness and Wisdom Life Practice

Implementation and purpose

A weekly group practice and teaching sessions on Zoom, self-study technology manual and recordings available. Weekly participation requirement.

During the intensive 12 weeks you learn the basic principles of Self-System Wholeness Approach in theory and receive an experience of how to practice. This is a coherent taste for all complex world problem solves, leaders and entrepreneurs. The deeper practice process is experienced at practitioner programs (below).

The 12 weekly themes.

Cognitive Systemic Wholeness Practice, 3 months:

1. Unfolding Conscious Intentions and Presence.

2. Unfolding Dysfunctional patterns, Identities and meaning making.

Experiential Application, Sensing and Feeling of Own Awareness Territory, 6 months

3. Growing-Up Self-Reflective Creative Wholeness, 3 months.

4. Co-Creative Relational Learning Practice with Others, 3 months.

5. Inquiries and participant case studies, dilemmas and Q & A, 1 month.

Certificate: Self-System Wholeness Introduction Course to Creative Wholeness and Wisdom to General Problem Solving & Mystery.


  • The same knowledge of Integral Theory and Stages theory as before.

  • Genuine curiosity and joy of wonder for not knowing and uncertainty.

The First Cohort Program Starts:

Spring 2023

Self-System Wholeness
Practitioner Programs
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Inner Alchemy of Creative Wholeness and Wisdom Life Practitioner Program

An 8 Month Life Practitioner Program to apply Self-System Wholeness Approach to conscious creation, healing and integration of Self, System, Shadow and Spirit.

Implementation and purpose

A weekly practice of own awareness processes self, monthly group sessions with Kirsi and one on one pair practice.


This is pure practice group based on the Self-System Wholeness Life Practice Principles learned at the 3 month beginner course. and skills by focusing on personal healing and integration

Certificate: Self-System Wholeness Practitioner of Inner Alchemy of Creative Wholeness & Wisdom.


  • Introduction course to Creative Wholeness & Wisdom, theory and practice.

  • Developmentally, you need to be able to see development, build relationships between your parts, see shadows and interest to work on your personal healing, integration. Minimum level: Stages, early 4.5.

The Estimated Start Of The First Cohort:

Autumn 2023



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A 6 month Advanced Practice Group for the Participants of Part 2 Technology Training.

Shadow Work & Conflict Resolution


Implementation and purpose

Monthly one on one sessions with Kirsi to go through personal case studies and applications of the Self-System Wholeness Approach.

You are an active practitioner already and use and practice Self-System Wholeness during the program in your own real life contexts and systems to demonstrate skillful applications of Self-System Wholeness Approach in coaching, facilitation, teaching, consulting and general problem solving.

Certificate: A Certified Master Practitioner of Self-System Wholeness Awareness Technology to General Problem Solving, Coaching and Facilitation.


  • Active usage of Self-System Wholeness Approach and completion the previous Parts of practice 2-3.

  • A demonstrated integration of 4.5 level awareness in practice. Assessment results are not accepted, only one on one evaluation with Kirsi.


Kirsi Mäkinen



Self-System Wholeness Approach Program Manuals

Part 1

Introduction to Wholeness

A 2 Month Online Course,
A Cognitive Experiential Practice of
What is Wholeness and Why We Need That Individually and Collectively?

Part 2

Inner Alchemy and
Creative Wholeness and Wisdom

A 10 Month of Inner Transformation and  Awareness Based Life Practice Technology to Emergent World Problem Solving & Mystery

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