Awakening to Wholeness

Restoring Sustainable Life on Earth

Being - Becoming of my

"emergent being"

How did my  "emergent new being" came into existence? Over 12 years ago, I realized a collective calling to work for the healing and integration of the wounded world bigger than myself and surrendering to the unconscious, intuitive guidance to lead me there.  This was a self-healing evolutionary process of my whole self, shadow, spirit and an emergent becoming of more and more whole. In the same time I was building a new work for myself that resonates with who I really am and integrates my life experiences, natural personal capacities, aligned with vision and mission of my soulful journey and liberates my spirit to respond to the destiny of the moment.

Today I could not be more grateful for the intuitive wisdom I had that time while still taking baby steps when trusting my heart and my early gurus that guided me to look for psychology, shadows, mythology... and then I found Carl Jung and he introduced me to look at psyche as a self-organizing system of parts and wholes and integrated spirituality and science. While not forgetting my roots as a Finnish person and my personal and national collectives as guides, I can't forget my early gurus of wisdom either. Ever since the timeless wisdom has been integrated to my wholeness of life what I want to bring back to our everyday lives. But the questions remained... how to I get people to experience presence, inter-relatedness and fulfillment rather than separation of all of life, facilitating the remembering of eternal truths and virtues of love, connection, being and aliveness. How do we get back to the ever present humaneness as us, beside us and beyond us?

Just like Jung (with the same typology), I was creating a one big "becoming" and starting to realize that I was a self-emerging scientist just like my guru. Over the years the "emerging being" went through several transmutations of depth, facing paradigms becoming more and more whole and multidimensional and yet just a fractured being of wholes and parts held together by gravity.

The journey will always ask for courage and trust, not only to yourself, but to the co-emergence of you, the other and the emerging beingness. A part of the journey is about what I call "building your sense of inner alchemy, and capacity to start creating from the nothingness, to really know how you know, to expose an evolutionary vision to the collectives and become aligned with the ego, self, shadow and spirit to manifest globally and teach your own unique way of emergent unfolding of being and becoming.


The kind of "knowing" is inner wisdom through your own felt sense of wholeness, becoming aware and making sense of that,  subjectively and objectively, and also by feeling and sensing the flow and fluidity, connecting the dots and integrating the relevant experiential learning into your new self-construct, transcending including as a dialectical emergence..again and again within, without. It's one thing to heal your being, integrate and experience the new being, and another thing to realize what you actually did, how you did it, what transformed and where you are now.

Over the years I had put my own relational trauma and wounding in the middle of my creative wholeness practice and work by realizing the central nature of the inter relatedness of all of life and of course my own wounding awakened my curiosity and wonder to understand that I might unfold my own wounding with my creative practice as well.  Me and the other (inter or intra) are in a co-creative relationship together. It is impossible to know how things evolve, and deep trust into emergence, uncertainty and not-knowingness becames part of work and practice.


The inner alchemy of Self-System Wholeness Approach unfolded from my personal practice, to my own emergent world problem solving method and a training, to a coaching, facilitation, a healing tool and an experiential integrative non-forcing way to shift helping methods and consciousness from object oriented linearity to a being based cutting edge coaching, healing and facilitation approach. This turned out an interpenetration of me, my life, and my creations with the global world where you and other healing and developmental professionals can start practicing it too. When I saw how my practice received new structures and wholeness by liberating the beauty of whole humaneness and potential, by embracing what is...I realized I had become my own science! Then there is no fear anymore, just creative passion and trust....eternal creation. The Self-System Wholeness holds potential to awaken our forgotten experience of unconditional love and oneness of all there is.

For at least 2500 years the mankind has known pioneer's and wise men (usually men) who have taken the human consciousness evolution forward with their innovative insights that built above each others' work, fulfilled and completed the earlier eras. Today, the world as we know it is collapsing. We all can see the symptoms by looking at any global crisis there is (also in our own minds). The mankind is facing another great shift in consciousness to fulfill it's potential as species. The modern growth oriented mindset has become overheated and reached the edge of it's dominance. History of mankind has already proved to us that you, I and all of us are the instruments the Universe uses to complete the next step of evolution, but it is time to face the truth and be honest about human condition. There is something which "we" humans in this era do not perceive and cannot explain to make sense of our own sustainable ways of living by appreciating what is truly good and beautiful by owning the nature as us, beside us and beyond us to transform the direction towards responsible individual freedom and collectively joyful co-existence to release the illusory interpretations of separation as members of the mankind to remember our wholeness as individuals, societies and people on earth. Self-System Wholeness also liberates the adaptive systems from perennial problems.


Jung felt that he failed to help people realize the importance of the collective unconscious. I estimate his time and deeper appreciation is yet to come since the world is already facing more and more of all that trauma and drama which Jung talked about. I believe in unconditional love and freedom of human spirit, wisdom and wholeness of our souls and I know that many do too, but don't realize that the ways in which we humans often intend to gain that are paradoxically causing more suffering to all of us..and yes that seems to be in balance if the other side is not seen. Not just as a warrior of light, but as a defender of the darkness as well, this is my way participating with the people of my era to go through the unconscious not-knowingness in which everyone of us is holding potential destruction of all of the beauty in front our eyes...

This is the "emerging being" of the Self-System Wholeness Global Approach.

From truth, love, beauty and grace



Unofficially I have read a masters degree on Jungian studies and philosophy and another on vertical development during the past 12 years.

My specialized studies supporting my work:

  • Jungian psychology

  • Eastern Philosophy and spirituality

  • Vertical adult development

  • Shadow Work

  • Cognitive Science

  • Tens of other theories, methods, approaches related to my field.

Kirsi Mäkinen 

Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach
Helsinki Finland

“I am liberating the emergent unfolding of human consciousness by healing and integrating the shadow energies to reclaim our own power by transcending the ancestors and being fully free creators of the cosmos on a soul’s journey in the universe.”

Kirsi (MBA, Teacher, Coach, Systemic Problem Solver) is a passionate independent scholar of systems, science and philosophy. During the past 12 years she has been self-creating, researching the structures of consciousness, framing her experiences and integrating it with tens of paradigms to cultivate the emerging beingness of leaders, teachers, coaches, and other professionals to raise wholeness mindsets by creating integrative learning processes which have been at core of her work for six years.


The Self-System Wholeness Global Approach originated from her pioneering work helping to unfold the whole humaneness, embrace life on earth, create from the invisible world, love all existence, liberate the natural spirit and heal the emerging perennial problems, trauma and unconscious.


She’s a lifelong entrepreneur and has 15 years of experience from teaching, coaching and recruitment from 8 business fields. Her first book in Finnish about responsible humanity was published in 2021 and the second one is coming in English.