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Wild Nature

Awakening  Creativity

to Realize Wholeness

Becoming a new being

Over 13 years ago, I received awareness of a collective calling to work for the integration of the wounded world.  From the video you will hear more about my history with personal development and about Creative Wholeness Life Practice what I created.



Carl Gustav Jung introduced me to look at psyche as a self-transcending and self-organizing system of parts and moving continuously towards more and more wholeness, but evolutionary approach was not enough for my emerging realization of wholeness and I started to integrate the Taoist way of life and the two dynamical forces of Yin and Yang to my approach. "the Way" that grows up the self-reflection skills, conscious awareness, witnessing and teaches you the universal principles that transcend the whole experience again and again. I also unite Eastern and Western ways to look at life and development vertically to lead Western ego back to soulful “home” from growing-up to waking up through cleaning-up and showing-up.


My collaborative guide to Eastern philosophy is Nishad Dubashia, the originator of the Diamond Model. Developmental theories, practices and trainings have given me detailed understanding and practical experience of how we can evolve and shift consciousness.  I have studied cutting edge science of Terri O'Fallon, Ken Wilber, John Vervaeke, Robert Kegan, Bill Torbert, Kim Barta, to mention few to integrate and transcend my personal truth and vision of human transformation.

Over the years, several paradoxes kept on coming back. How do liberate the individual from the inner suffering to experience fulfillment rather than separation of all of life and help people to unfold the their whole potential instead of unfolding potential suffering? How to help you to remember the eternal truths, virtues of love, connection, being, aliveness, ancient wisdom and bridge the time between the worlds on a soulful journey back to the ever present wholeness, whole humaneness. And how the wholeness connects the separation into oneness with everything and everyone. 

The Self-System Wholeness transforms suffering and separation to creation and aware presence for the healing of the whole mankind. As individual practice, this requires a bridge between interior and exterior experiences and uniting the fragmented parts of us, embodying presence and realizing wholeness. which would be a revolutionary shift for the whole mankind, while yet very far away.

The Self-System Wholeness Approach unfolded from my personal life practice to my own emergent world problem solving approach and a training, to a coaching, facilitation, and consulting and to an experiential integrative "Way", Creative Wholeness Life Practice.


This is the "emerging being" of the Self-System Wholeness Global Approach.

From my truth, integrity, wholeness and grace





My specialized studies supporting my work:

  • Jung and jungian psychology

  • Eastern Philosophies

  • Vertical adult development

  • Shadow Work

  • Cognitive Science

  • Tens of theories, methods, approaches related to my field.

Kirsi Mäkinen 

Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach
EET/EEST, Helsinki Finland

“I am liberating the emergent unfolding of human consciousness with creative wholeness practices while transcending the self-system to be a fully free creator of the dynamical cosmos on a soul’s journey back "home".

For the past 13 years, Kirsi (MBA, Vocational Teacher, Coach and an emerging world problem solver) has been a passionate independent scholar of cutting edge science, philosophy and consciousness, creating ecology of practice to transform consciousness and the whole being with timeless, context-less approaches to help a man resolve suffering individually and collectively.

The Self-System Wholeness Global Approach originated from her pioneering work helping to unfold the whole humaneness, embrace life on earth, create from the invisible world, love all existence, liberate the natural spirit and heal the emerging perennial problems, trauma and unconscious.


She’s a lifelong entrepreneur and has 16 years of experience from teaching, coaching and recruitment from 8 business fields. Her first book in Finnish about responsible humanity was published in 2021.

Tutustu kirjaan Vastuullinen Ihmisyys


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