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Old Pier

Liberating resistance to transcendence to realize the whole self and undiveded reality


My specialized studies supporting my work:

  • Independent studies of Jung and depth psychology since 2010.

    • Jungian alchemy, shadow, individuation process, Self, model of the psyche, Soul images, Collective Unconscious etc.

    • Centre of Applied Jungian Studies.

  • Vertical adult development:

    • Terri O'Fallon, Stages theory, and personal development programs and courses.

    • Kim Barta, developmental shadow work courses and programs.

    • Bill Torbert, Action Inquiry training.

    • Ken Wilber, Integral Theory

    • Robert Kegan

  • Eastern philosophical influencers:

    • Nish Dubashia's Diamond and Circle Models

    • Ramana Maharshi's self-enquiry

    • Christopher Wallis, Nondual Shaiva Tantra

    • Adyashanti, Zen Buddhism

    • Igor Kufayev, Shaiva tantra

    • Andrew Holecek, Illusory form, reverse meditation

    • others...

  • Cognitive Science

    • John Vervaeke, Meaning crisis.

  • Tens of other theories, methods, approaches related to my field.    

Kirsi Mäkinen 

Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach
EET/EEST, Helsinki Finland

“I am a timeless context and bridge between times, liberating resistances to transcendence and re-uniting the seer's seeing to awaken awareness to itself on a soulful journey back "home".


Education and work


  • Highest education: Master of Business Administration MBA.

  • Vocational Teacher with pedagogical qualifications on business topics, leadership and human development.

  • Certified practitioner of several personal development methods, and vertical development.

  • She’s a lifelong (family) entrepreneur and freelancer. She has 17 years of experience from teaching, coaching, consulting and recruitment from 8 business fields.

Personal Passion

  • As a passionate witness to underlying phenomena, she is "a method creator" and a self-learned practitioner of conscious awareness based science. Her innovations are based on her own learning of life as a whole being, personal developmental practice and knowledge base and realizations of what works and why. The following are the products of persistent and patient practice for over 10 years of time and still evolving.

  • Originator of Awakening Wholeness philosophy, path and practice to spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders and inner work practitioners. Launching 2023.

  • Creator of own transpersonal coaching / mentoring methodology, and facilitation instrument.

  • She has been a passionate independent scholar of cutting edge science, philosophy and consciousness, creating a whole being practices to transform consciousness with timeless approaches to help individuals and collectives to resolve suffering and persistent dilemmas to creative evolutionary and life supporting, sustainable solutions.

  • Her first book about responsible humanity, in Finnish, was published 2021.

Introduction to my main offerings

I deliver the whole package of inner and outer transformation

My life's creation is Awakening Wholeness path, philosophy and practice to spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders and inner work practitioners developing their interior wisdom and wholeness to deeper realizations and transforming them to exterior strategies to midwife more humane change in their environments. Available online in English.

Awakening Wholeness Group Practice programs online for those entrepreneurs, leaders, individuals, and organizations who want to learn the principles of unfolding consciousness and play with principles of life and evolution self in their own practice and use the skills self in all life contexts.


Advanced Personal Awakening Wholeness Coaching programs online to conscious business entrepreneurs, leaders and practitioners who are awakening to their own wholeness of who they think they are and who they really are while building outer work in any context from scratch with evolutionary principles.

Consulting to conscious business entrepreneurs starting from scratch or facing dilemmas on the way and wondering how to bring emergent phenomena into the visible world in sustainable ways. How to create a contextual learning organization with evolutionary principles and still evolve self at the same time and as a whole organization. Available physically as well.

Hire me to be the transformational change agent to facilitate your organizational transformation over a longer period of time from traditional or modern to create more functional, conscious self-organizing systems with less hierarchy and more flexibility and flow. This option will include a customized set of all previous options too and commitment and clarity of motivations. Contract or employment based.

Talks, presentations, workshops, and keynotes to your events.

I occasionally teach basic courses in Finnish which are open to all interested in Työväenopisto.

I am sure this introduction raises multiple questions and wondering, which is an invitation to you to find out more. I recommend finding out more from my website and social channels and by inviting me to Zoom below. Inquiry will always resolve inquirer, so don’t hesitate.

Rock Maze

Growing Up Self-Inquiry At 4 Stages

Practice Dissolving Yourself First

What to learn:

  • Discover, what might you not know about yourself, and your meaning making?

  • What 4 directions of practice are necessary for dissolving the resistance to transcendence and consciousness transformation.

  • What one dilemma can transform all relationships of you, the others and the whole humanity when integrated?

  • Practice growing up your individual perspectival self, while noticing how your wholeness also evolves the same time through the systemic interpenetrated reflection practice at 4 stages of inquiry, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5

About 1 to 1,5 hours of material.
Videos 33 min.
The course assumes that you have stage-awareness already.

Subscribe below and start immediately

Go to the book site!

It's in Finnish.

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