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Old Pier

Joy and liberated presence of being are the true nature of
the whole humaneness


My specialized studies supporting my work:

  • Independent studies of Jung and jungian psychology since 2010.

    • Jungian alchemy, shadow, individuation process, Self, model of the psyche, Soul images, Collective Unconscious etc.

    • Centre of Applied Jungian Studies.

  • Vertical adult development:

    • Terri O'Fallon, Stages theory, and personal development programs and courses.

    • Kim Barta, developmental shadow work courses and programs.

    • Bill Torbert, Action Inquiry training.

    • Ken Wilber, Integral Theory

    • Robert Kegan, Immunity to change + theories.

  • Learner of eastern philosophies

    • Nish Dubashia's Diamond and Circle Models

    • Adyashanti, Zen Buddhism

    • Igor Kufayev, Advaita Tantra

    • others...

  • Cognitive Science

    • John Vervaeke, others

  • Tens of other theories, methods, approaches related to my field.    

Kirsi Mäkinen 

Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach
EET/EEST, Helsinki Finland

“I am liberating the emergent unfolding of human consciousness with creative wholeness practices while transcending the self-system to be a fully free creator of the dynamical cosmos on a soul’s journey back "home".


  • Highest education: Master of Business Administration MBA.

  • Vocational Teacher with pedagogical qualifications on business topics, leadership and human resources.

  • Transformational Coach, with developmental psychology background.

  • Conscious Problem Solver. She has been a passionate independent scholar of cutting edge science, philosophy and consciousness, creating ecology of practice to transform consciousness and the whole being with timeless, context-less approaches to help individuals and collectives to resolve suffering and persistent dilemmas to creative evolutionary and sustainable solutions individually and collectively.

  • Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach, Awakening Wholeness Coach/Consultant, Creative Wholeness Life Practice Program Facilitator.

  • She’s a lifelong (family) entrepreneur and has 16 years of experience from teaching, coaching, consulting and recruitment from 8 business fields.

  • Author. Her first book about responsible humanity, in Finnish, was published 2021.

Rock Maze

Growing Up Self-Inquiry At 4 Stages

Practice Dissolving Yourself First

What to learn:

  • Discover, what might you not know about yourself, and your meaning making?

  • What 4 directions of practice are necessary for dissolving the resistance to transcendence and consciousness transformation.

  • What one dilemma can transform all relationships of you, the others and the whole humanity when integrated?

  • Practice growing up your individual perspectival self, while noticing how your wholeness also evolves the same time through the systemic interpenetrated reflection practice at 4 stages of inquiry, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5

About 1 to 1,5 hours of material.
Videos 33 min.
The course assumes that you have stage-awareness already.

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It's in Finnish.

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