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Awareness based instrument


of change in organizations

Self-System Wholeness approach plays roles and participates with you to facilitate deeper emergence of the good, embodied knowing and awareness by midwifing and mirroring to increase interrelatedness of the both sides of the brain, individual and collective with ecologies of practices to unfold the new coming into being through You. You are the mystery to unlock the journey from there to here.

You are the mystery
to unlock the journey from there to here

Self-System Wholeness Approach facilitates organizational learning by deepening inner development processes through self transformation from basics to nuances and embodied presence so that you learn principles and regular practices to explore and experience yourself as awareness-based instrument of change, harmonizing both sides of the brain and bridging the gaps between cognitive mind and intuitive feeling while embracing wholeness to balance conflicts, contractions and tensions as invitations to evolution.


This is recommended for complex world leaders, awareness based problem solvers, entrepreneurs and everyone interested in deeper self-transformation.

Self-System Wholeness is a theory and practice of itself, based on Kirsi Mäkinen's 13 year experience as a practitioner, guided by adult development, cognitive science, shadow work, universal principles of yin and yang with Carl Jung's view on alchemy of human consciousness.


The trainings and coaching are depth work processes, giving a lot of space for a personal adaptation to own "the instrument" within. This is a kind of a life practice where YOU hold all the keys on how to unlock your own self-organizing system with guided principles of aware universe to feel and sense the Creative Wholeness potential of complexity and uncertainty. Ask more details.

Self-System Wholeness

Coaching and consulting

In service of conscious business leadership and contextual transformations with relational systemic coaching to help the complex world change makers engage with their personal transformation to transform the context they work with.


We look at what is created through the work you do with your organization. Together we aim on evolutionary outcomes, which dissolve the unhealthy dysfunctional patterns of experience continuously within you, your organizations and which are in service for the healthy life on earth with all creation.


  • This may include one on one experiential work, which is more like coaching and dialogue with mutual experiencing, researching the self and the unknown.


  • It may be like consulting or mentoring to gain more perspective on how to relate to a dilemma. This option is more educational and that is why my course Self-Other Reflection, Unfolding the Mystery Within is included if you have not participated to that already.

What do we do in the coaching process


  • Becoming more aware and attuning to the personal wholeness field. Developing awareness of your body-mind relationship and how it influences the outcomes and the process to do your work as well as you can.

  • Everything starts from your personal experience, complex dilemma, or a paradox or whatever is present for you in the moment. Is something limiting your life, decision making, work, relationships, engagements or do you notice resistance for something or someone?  What wants to unfold through you right now?

  • You learn to identify and work with your intentions, attention, shadows and parts to integrate, objects to follow and embrace witnessing, wonder and relaxation to increase conscious awareness, embodied knowing and allow the wisdom evolution within and with others. Life flows through you, you are the instrument.

  • The systemic co-generated work we do in a dialogical space together, aims on teaching you structures and process to embrace and witness all there is in the moment, growing up self-reflective skills that will increase conscious awareness and bring you closer to this moment continuously while dissolving the past and the future through your experience. You learn to practice yourself, and eventually you don’t need me for that anymore.

  • Customized 6 to 12 month personal development programs online to grow awareness, shift stages or heal shadows as individual, professional or a leader. Prerequires online course "Unfolding the Mystery Within".

Spiral Staircase

Self-System Wholeness coaching and consulting to conscious leaders and teams to:


  • Increasing conscious awareness, embodied knowing and self-reflective skills.

  • Becoming aware and practice dissolution of your dilemmas and experience in the moment.

  • Increase systemic and relational understanding to use own body-mind as a conscious instrument with others and understand life complexity.


I don’t tell you what do or give you substantial advice on business management. I help you to resolve the self related dilemmas through your own individual awareness and experience.

"A definition of conscious problem solving:

Dissolve oneself first, look back, if you still see a problem, do it again, look long as you still see a self. When no self, there is just flow of life."


You are the sacred space of embodied wisdom

  • Integrating states and stages from growing up to waking up through cleaning up and showing up.

We learn to transform individual identity, realize embodied knowing and being through collective intelligence and iterating self-organization of individual wisdom with one on one, pair, small group and big group practices.

We do this by appreciating and differentiating the gifts of the Western virtues, balancing them with Eastern non-duality-based processes to integrate discernment, good judgement and sense making (to mention few) of the left brain and using intuition, creativity, and wholeness to bridge rationality with creation which are both needed for the emergence and co-generation of the good with creative contradiction which also is the new while becoming the new.

You already are, who you are becoming. Live it, to realize it!

"Great movements start on a small scale with individuals and revolutionary ideas begin between you and me."

-J. Krishnamurti

"You are your own conscious universe. Life grows out of you, who you are becoming. You are the mother, giving birth to the child to be, you are also the father, guiding the child forward in life and you are the child to be born into the new world. You are also a midwife for the others giving birth in your collective. You are awareness based instrument of life, playing all the roles in the field, all at once! For the sake of this highly responsible mission you are given, you must understand the whole of life, not just one part of it"

-Kirsi Mäkinen

4-folding wisdom by crossing paradigms

Individual awareness is a sacred process and a holding space of the collective intelligence. None of us sees and knows the whole of the iterating virtue in birth, but we see parts of the whole and yet there are many wholes and each individual has their own. The reciprocal relationship from parts to wholes or from “I to It” or “It to I” is the vertical human journey which is balanced with the horizontal participatory learning from “Me to We”. To bridge the time between these worlds in human consciousness, we need individual and group practices that transcend and include the mystery itself, while the process becoming repeatedly self-aware of itself. Read more from approach page.

viimeinen crossing paradigm.png


Shifting paradigms within individual or organizational perspective is not easy to do. Development is difficult. A holistic transformation requires bridging 3 primary polarities of human development, which also means organizational change, since subject and object cannot be separated. The polarities are:

  • Individual and collective, which is the first primary polarity and cannot yet be fully resolved with existing human consciousness, but all levels experience the polarity that can be concrete, subtle or metaware.

  • The second which needs attention is interior and exterior, that is resolved in tier shifts and witnessed at 6th person perspective. All the levels are still influenced by this unconsciously.


  • The third is inside and outside, which is taking place within a person perspective as reciprocal  process of bridging inner immature .0 level, a state experience, to outer perspectival .5 level, stage experience. This happens in each quadrant of the image above. This individual interior process is witnessed at 5th person perspective. This process also dissolves the paradigmatic developmental confusions while the person shifts from timeless, involution at .0 experience to evolutionary time trajectory at .5 stage experience.

Many Eastern non-dual traditions often prefer one of the previous ways of awakening. Terri O'Fallon has build a model and Stages theory that integrates all these parameters into one whole developmental awakening process. Self-System Wholeness Approach applies all the 3 primary principles to bridge states and stages. The only way to awaken as individual consciousness or shift organizational paradigms is not just with Eastern non-dual traditions, also growing up to later levels brings states together with your personal paradigm and the outcome aims on permanence rather than just momentary state experiences. Organizational changes require a change agent able to witness the past and the future together at once and an organization that is ready to learn new ways and that learning includes the self transformation.

The video presents the difference and connectedness of cross-paradigm and paradigmatic transformation process.

The video below starts unfolding the theory and practice of the paradigmatic mandala practice of becoming aware of becoming aware.


Kirsi Mäkinen
Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach

Read my story


Orientation Course

Artboard 8_2x_edited.png

Orientation to becoming aware of becoming aware.
Unfolding the Mystery Within

A scheduled 4 Months, 14 weeks of intensive application of Creative Wholeness Life Practice, becoming aware of becoming aware and practice living in a self created reality.
Learning sessions, self and small group practice,

Q&A's and discussions.

The course is a prerequisite to leadership and organizational programs and any Self-System Wholeness personal development programs.

The Next Course Starts:

EET Helsinki 7 pm

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