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Barbie movie shakes reality perceptions and awakens collective unconscious inquiries

Barbie movie is radical a reality check to unconscious viewers and awakening wholeness consciousness, turning the two realities upside down and raising unconscious collective dilemmas in front of our eyes.

Barbie Land is like the symbol of the dream world, the higher divine side of our consciousness, where every day is a good day, everything is better or fine, no problems, no hard questions or realities to accept, full transcendence. On the other hand, the “real world” is the human world of how things are in the modern wake world. In my perspective, what we call “wake world” is an unconscious sleeping reality itself” from which we usually start to awaken.

Barbie sees herself giving hope to modern women as independent career woman, with own administration where Ken plays the part of second, Barbie & Ken, like man and wife used to be or self and anima/animus. Ken feels unappreciated and ignored since his good day is dependent on Barbie’s attention. Unintegrated men want attention from women, and their existence or manhood is threaten if they don’t receive it. Also, the weird Barbie has a role. She is the consultant having the “real world” experience. A Kind of a “wise woman” to demystify and ease down the beginning of the heroine’s journey to explore reality.

The interrelated connection between the dream and waking worlds or consciousness and reality shows up and both become affected as Barbie starts to discover her truth of who she really is, from the ultimate sea of potential, when her life showed glimpses of fracture. The “player of the Barbie” in the wake/human world becomes aware of her deeper potential to heal the fractured connection inside and the portal of transformation is established, bridging time between the worlds.

When Barbie & Ken become aware of the “real world” they notice the difference between where they come from (Barbie Land) and the “real world”, the human side of consciousness. Of course, the illusions start to melt down. Barbie notices how she has not been a perfect inspiration to all women as a stereotypical Barbie and becomes acquainted with her feelings and Ken realizes that the real world is run by men and patriarchy and decides to take that learning back to Barbie Land. The infusion of co-generated realities starts to emerge and learning the rules and norms of “the real world” becomes a learning to take “back home” with them.

My interpretation of potential fairy tail ending... They return to their origin and who they really are, neither the Barbie Land nor the “real world”, but both at the same time with more wisdom and wholeness and the difference between the realities unites who they really are, individual universes arising at collective shared reality of consciousness.

The movie does not only show us our relationships to our wholeness and divine self or other, but also questions and shines light on unconscious collective reactions and responses between different realities, truth and lies, and unconscious masculine and feminine dynamics of transference. For a more spiritual viewer the movie gives a viewpoint on unconscious wounding in the psyche and an opportunity to reflect more.

If you understand and accept that the “Barbie Land” is also real as a symbol of the ever-present human consciousness potential and the “real world” is illusion while realizing that they also shift places as our awareness evolves and become united with everything and everyone in our own momentary experiences repeatedly, you start recognizing part of the amazing mystery of the whole humaneness.


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