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Daring not to know to perceive reality as it is

It is already known by different sciences that we don’t see the objective 3rd order reality directly. Our senses fool us, which creates beliefs but also grows up belief-systems (stages). When something becomes conscious, something else at the opposite pole is still left out to the unconscious side. The inquiry, “how do you know that you really know”, becomes relevant inquiry every moment when living from the presence awareness and one with your reality (as it is for you).

From outside to inside, reverse practice to unite Western minds

Our existing Western societies are very outward oriented and the natural pull of the Spirit, which is consciousness, is extensively used in societal and business life the way which causes lot of suffering unconsciously when people “feel” pushed or pulled by their boss, partner, parents... At the same time, it is less appreciated and less known by the Western practitioners how the opposite orientation of this relational dynamic could bring the same outcomes and even faster, when we don’t only practice outward orientation but also inner one.

In addition to this I would add, while the previous is always happening regardless of the stage, we can still speed up the process and learning by doing with personal consciousness practice as well. So that we have doubled opportunity to unite the consciousness into a Whole Self, because of holistic, healthy and completion of processes. Why?

“What I see out there is inside of me” and that inquiry gives answers to how to apply consciousness with more wisdom in your “outer reality” as well. What if the so called “outer reality what you see” is already full of shadow constructions of the earlier tiers and stages and the opportunities to see the new self in the new interesting outer reality is limited to that?
Or what if you are just not aware of depth, breath or the height what is needed for the creation of a new reality, but you don’t know that? You can make a lot of bad decisions, lose money and investments, relationships, and your own mental health, if not realizing:
We often rely on our own knowing, without deep enough self-inquiry and meaning making within and without to really dissolving the potential ignorance of which no-one is free. Believing in our knowing is just another feature of our own belief-system in action. Conscious Self is blind to itself before re-awakening to itself.

This is what the Western practitioners may not understand, how to help themselves with personal dialectical awareness practice to heal the wounds and already realized structures of collective patterns to liberate the resistance to transcendence and unite the structures to see clearly to the aspired reality/future. The reality we see is just a perceived illusion of the inner culture, which needs integration and healing in this case. The integration eventually brings “the culture shift to our outer reality”. This is what all organizational change is also about and the reason for the failure has a lot to do with what kind of structures of consciousness are being used to do it.

Cleaning up brings awakening up see reality clearly

It is important for the conscious business entrepreneurs, leaders and practitioners generating transformative change in their environment to work through the personal and collective unconscious patterns to clean up and awaken to see the reality as it is, rather than acting on with what every patterns you have which usually means personal preference and avoidance of discomfort even to experienced practitioners. This does not create sustainable functions, outcomes and processes into your consciousness, your work or to the processes how the outcomes of yours or others are brought to the outer context for clients for example.

The West typically only observes the outcomes, and results of any action, while it is also important to be able to adjust and work, processes and consciousness through the horizontal space of potential resistance to transformation, whether inside self, inside others or how the unknown is presenting itself during the process, which needs attention. The relational dynamic is where the real shift happens, but also requires attention in the presence to witness and estimate how the outcomes are eventually showing up. It is not a good enough idea, to rely just on your awareness of that, what you actually need is a playful testing arena to have an experience to realize structures, which brings wisdom instead of just “knowing”.


Author Kirsi Mäkinen is the founder of Awakening Wholeness Path To An Illuminating Mind, a series of personal and group practice programs with evolutionary principles to awaken awareness to itself at every tier, every stage and every experience, eventually to realize Whole Self and Undivided Whole through the illuminating mind.

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