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How does information pass through the chains of human experience and creates the reality we see?

I present this topic in the form of mandala since it represents whole experiences which show up from consciousness, into our consciousness, which become our conscious awareness and are eventually turned to our reality through the perceiving process.

The mandalas are conscious awareness based experiential models, each one of them telling a story of the seer's seeing, as objectified reality and actual demonstration of consciousness itself as persona or a whole which has a Self (organization).

The “seeing process”

You can also evolve to recognize how the "seeing process" takes a form. That who sees, is awareness. The "seeing" is mutually inclusive witnessing. The reflections of the mandala are your consciousness-based projections, looking at itself and taking a form to sustain consciousness. This is why I create mandalas to sustain the perception of my consciousness to show you what I am trying to point out to you. This is what teaching is about, you see something, you realize the point of your seeing and you create something from that and eventually teach the others what you learned.

Teacher-learner relationship is consciousness witnessing itself as awakening awareness.

So, the teacher’s consciousness projects its learning to learners “seeing”, so that they can see and reflect on what the teacher saw and what they are pointing to. Yet, the learner still needs that inquiry process, meditation, and practice in actual life to fully integrate, embody and gain the wisdom from the “learning” and eventually they become teachers to the new people again.

This is how the knowledge accumulates between people, when all learners take the teaching in, in their unique way and produce something new for the others again. This is how individual knowledge becomes embodied wisdom.

The change of the original information

Of course, the teaching or information changes on the way and the original message does not stay the same or becomes misused and misunderstood. On the other hand, the same process can also make the earlier teachings even better and extended versions of the original ones. To influence which direction the process turns to, there are methods and “traditions” where the original wisdom is held and carefully taught to the learners who eventually become new teachers. But the “self-assessment process is always at the seer’s seeing process, meaning, what, how and how wisely the original information is used and transmuted while creating new from that.

Unity of old and new

As we know, All the new always includes something of the old, something of the new and the integration in the middle, between them is the “seeing” process, which is dependent on the “seer’s personal capacity, awareness level and ability to use their whole presence awareness in the work. Of course, this is what work experience is also about. When starting as new graduates we have no experience, in the first job we get more experience, then we have opportunities to get more demanding positions and eventually we might end up to leadership, or other positions which require us to use a more whole and larger personal skillfulness in our work and with bigger contexts.

Application of teacher-learned dynamic unity

To apply the same teacher-learner dynamic unity to our personal practice and overall learning from experience in life, we need awareness of the process and how the information changes while passing through the chains of human experience. We also need to learn to witness ourselves while seeing the other and recognize it’s all our own mind producing a “self-image”, (what mandala represents as a whole), then we need to recognize our own intake of the experience, and how our own being and presence was influenced by the experience, especially the shadows and past experiences which are always part of our reflection of the so called “outer reality”.

When we identify potential attachments and contractions of the body-mind unity (inner-outer unity=reality), we get to the “self-assessment” part in the process, where we “assess”, whether we respond to the experience or not and how. That is more about the inquiry of why we would react, act, or respond at all. Is there enough reason for that. It is not self-evident that all the experiences require counter reaction/response, while the ego easily makes us choose between pleasure and pain, good or bad etc, which happens very quickly and often unconsciously. It also causes a lot of “re-activeness” which is fear/shadow based and originally part of ego’s defense system. The re-activeness can also show up between reaction and no-reaction (active/passive). The ego has good intentions to protect us from outer harm, and yet at the same time it causes repetitive inner pain to us, when we bypass the actual trigger and might even end up in fight-flight-freeze situations or make hasty or irresponsible decisions due to our ignorance of what really happens in the moment within our inner experience.

As your perception is felt, dealt, and cleaned up from the past, seen in the present (self-image=projection of consciousness), we can use the same pattern to generate wiser, presence-based evolution of the form towards formless states of being (bottom-up approach). This is more known by the Western work life, while the previous dissolution process is considered “therapy”. Actually, the healthy life from the now requires that we all practice and learn to do both processes from inside out and outside in to stay in presence awareness when receiving information and fluently assessing within in the moment before any potential response. The dilemma is that people need to practice presence awareness, which is the essence of all sustainable life.

Individual awareness creates the realities, which are seen in societies and organizations

As groups, organizations, and societies we need to start seeing a new relationship relating between what used to mean this and what now looks like that. Becoming repeatedly more aware of the inner lives of human beings is how our consciousness is navigating back to the unity of everyone and everything.

We all have our ways of doing this, that is the bigger picture of this information processing through the whole being and shows us how self-organizing happens with every experience. The movement starts from recognizing polarities and personal shadow experience, which in later understanding turns to reflections(mirror) of something. It is not so much about personal relationship to the experience anymore then but looking from outside in, to see the whole process from a greater perspective.


What I am now pointing to with this blog, is that human consciousness is a whole and a process awareness in action and the witnessing always happens in 1st and 2nd order relationship, which is originally consciousness processing itself through your personal experience, which you are and continuously become aware of.

The trajectory of experiences, pulling of the Spirit

The awareness grows up with the dynamical interplay and always reaching out to a greater perception beyond your current ability see. This shows up as something you are curious about, feel deeply pulled towards that. Be aware that when there is a pull, there is projection, which is a mirror of your consciousness. That is what I call “Conscious Self”, a long trajectory of human ego evolution and awakening.

That “seeing” is the invisible that grows through the practice of inquiry, meditation and interrelating with all of life. That is the 3rd order becoming, awareness who sees it all, which you/practitioner become aware of. The seer is never in the mandala construction, it can never be seen. It is that who sees the construction and you as a practitioner experience it through mandala quadrants.

This makes the Awakening Wholeness core practice a whole process, where awareness grows and awakens repeatedly, where meditator becomes meditation and eventually the whole experience turns to a witnessing process of your inner-outer life and recognizing relationships as ever-present process, which transmutes the information and experiences into greater and greater perspectives when entering visible reality.

Practice of life is experiencing reality

In general, the relationship “between things”, what I call “Universal dialogue (collective) of presence awareness (individual) ”, is the place where we always measure and test our personal experience within self with the “other people and the world”, which are showing up as appearances in our perceived reality. This reality perceived through the senses is always just part of the whole, but not yet the realized whole, a Whole Self experience, which would mean completion of a persona which was worked through by the experiencer/seer or a healthy whole experience.

Where do healthy relationships come from

The healthiness of the experience is conditioned to the collective consciousness, which you are at and how you have integrated the shadows related to previous experiences. When you see, there is no other and all the “otherness” was just your own projection, while part of natural ego evolution of consciousness, which always sheds without integration, you realize your mirroring mind between conscious and unconscious poles, left and right brain.

The wisdom grows through your experience, so it is up to your realization to unite the splits of consciousness. When this is all Whole Self, where everything is one, you also realize that a healthy life is about healthy relationship to yourself, your own “other” and inner environment (reality). “There is not objective reality”, it is all “you”. You are the compassion arising as a form. If you have not yet integrated the “inner realities”, you don’t recognize all experiences to come from the compassionate relationship within.

The essence of the pattern, which we practice as a form of a mandala, is always true, regardless of who or what is looking at it. It is true every moment and every experience. It is true for each persona and a stage, it is true as tier or a collective, it is time within timeless states of being, which individual practitioner always navigates when having a state experience. Every experience is a state, growing into stages and again to states. The differences showing up are about differences between people and their diverse perceptions of reality or what we can call perspectives.

Now, I am sure, you can see where all the conflicts also arise from and how the general ignorance in the minds of the masses of humankind causes insurmountable pain for the whole human collective.

This is scaling of information through experiences into personal and collective realities and how harmful, wise and growth able the consciousness can be and how unconscious ignorance causes suffering which people have no idea how to work with.

If you are curious enough to make a difference in your reality through your personal liberation process from the resistance to transcendence, realizing the Whole Self and letting go to the Undivided Whole, look at Awakening Wholeness Path, and join in.


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Author Kirsi Mäkinen is the founder of Awakening Wholeness Path To An Illuminating Mind, a series of personal and group practice programs with evolutionary principles to awaken awareness to itself at every tier, every stage and every experience, eventually to realize Whole Self and Undivided Whole through the illuminating mind.

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