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Realizing the interplay of the soul images timelessly and dynamically over ego's evolution history.

Why women grow up to take the role of the "other" and adopting the 2. place unconsciously.

Ego's projection, unintegrated anima/eros

If a man denies his unconscious opposite anima/eros, feminine, he projects it to real women and sees how women are weak, feeling, irrational and not suppose to know how to think or be capable of valuable judgement. These men are denying their feminine side.

"This is a common dilemma in the whole world, that the divine feminine is denied by all, because also women do it. They have introjected this attitude against their own gender and collective feminine archetype."

"The difference is that women often turn the blame to themselves because the male projection has been targeted to them as representatives of female gender since beginning of ego evolution, while the real reason for this projection is located in the man’s unconscious side, anima which they have not integrated."

Courageous women and integrated animus

If the woman turns the animus outwards, they are often blamed and shamed for doing so, which as such is a quality of unintegrated animus. Women only have one very limited role to play in world of conscious ego, male. They are not only carrying the blame of male unwanted qualities and shadow, but also their positive ones at anima. women are only given space at home, family and nurturing positions without individual ego's attempts to find new roles from the ”masculine side of life like career.” Outspoken women are considered dangerous and scary by men but also by women who are still under the spell their own projection of the introjected trauma.

What did patriarchy teach to women? Be silent and nice. Well to whom? For the men who are showing up in the visible arena...and women even today in some cultures are pushed to let go of the integration of their true nature.

That is why the old women, with wisdom are seen also boring and unattractive by men, who have not matured yet and unified with their anima. And women who open their mouths of realities of their experience for example, are considered "lecturing" which is an ego's projection.

Instead, integrated masculine psyche often becomes a guru or a wisdom or consciousness teacher since for them it is allowed by the collective unconscious of mankind and only because of their gender despite the fact that these qualities lie at the collective unconscious of women more deeply according to Jung, who did not really see psyche as non-dual, but more dual.

The true aspect of anima is to help a man adapt to his feelings, nurturing and self-care and balance the psyche, since anima represents divine mother, soul, body and earth. But unintegrated anima, means that men turn it outwards as harmful projections to others like women and ”so called female subjects”.

The true nature of female animus is logos/mind,divine father, god and heaven. They are helping the woman to aspire careers and use their creative side to show-up in the world, which still often is considered to be ”a man’s territory” as a projection and unquestionned belief. So many women under control of their hierarchical biological father, employer, companion or other unconscious target of their projections of animus, suffer from been unseen in the world who ”does not allow them the space” and yet the women themselves struggle to take the space.

"Do you notice collective consciousness and individual consciousness playing out here at the same time to generate the "outcome, conclusion, perspective, perception, a developmental stage? Whether you give the unconscious the space or it is taken by it with harmful consequences."

Objectifying women and feminine

These ”thinking-side” qualities have been played out by egos and that is why thinking and all the good in the conscious world of ego, has been considered to be ”male type” and activeness seen better than passiveness and so on…

The projection causes men to deny their unconscious feminine and the same time real women become just objects for them and the cause of all of their unconscious blame, passion and desire, just like otherness and the unknown becomes a target in general as unconscious phenomena and women have been put on the second position by immature male ego. Yet notice, the same is applied by women too.

Collective suffering of the whole humanity

Because of the deeply inherited projection of the unconscious ego, women suffer in this world as weaker sex, and are treated inhuman ways. Also the whole world, men and women suffer because of denied, unregistered feminine psyche which is not allowed to show up in the ” truly unconscious world” where we live and are so unconsciously unaware of this unconscious self-deception obeyed by the whole human collective.

"Is this the nature what ultimately caused the unhealthy ”normalcy” ideas in our societies all over the world? Is it all because of the unconscious psyche that turned outwards when ego started to emerge, I don’t know how many thousands of years ago and pushed down the feminine collective. The evolution of the ego caused pain and suffering ever since for the mankind and the people on earth are still so behind in the collective development that they don't even know this."

Anima, male unconscious is projective, and animus, female unconscious is introjective. These soul images are not about gender based differences, because the both are found inside collective unconscious of both sexes. What is interesting for me, is that the conscious persona which we all have, is built by the active side of our own participation with the unconscious to grow up. The more collective and cultural dynamic of thinking-feeling is more of the unconscious, timeless side of us, coming to our consciousness at .0 developmental stages. If we never grow up to 4th person perspective to start understanding the depth of this internally again to update the old paradigms, we have no idea of any of this and we take it for granted that women and men have particular roles in societies and modern world has changed only the individual side, but at group, organizational, societal and cultural levels we are still controlled by hierarchical disposition of the feminine and masculine psyche which are not gender based at consciousness level.

Masculine and feminine coming together through consciousness development

Jung’s notion of not being able to access the soul images before shadow is integrated enough, seems to align with this realization. At first you become aware of you own gender roles and stereotypical aspects. Then your development turns to inwards like in 4th person. You first become aware of the introjected feminine, how the others project on you. When moving on to integrate the 4th person you become aware how you also project on others. These are the conscious aspects of the ego now. When you move to 5th person you observe this dynamic from unconscious side and start experiencing the counterparts too, introjecting feminine receptive ways again at 5.0. When that turns to 5.5 masculine, the witnessing element allows the feminine and masculine be the equal playmates in the collective unconscious returning towards the unification and wholeness again to be recognized as One unified reality, conscious and unconscious. This is a journey of human life too and even at this point you are only able to gain first realizations of the non-dual nature of the phenomena. Sounds like a mission impossible for the whole mankind...

Free online course to practice dissolving yourself first and realizing interplay of shadows, soul images and your consciousness. This course gives you a possibility to chose your individual freedom of responsibility to start re-owning the your anima and animus and participating the collectively unconscious healing of the trauma influenced to both sexes.

Read more about the author Kirsi Mäkinen, Founder of Self-System Wholeness Approach.

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