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The end of meaning making and seeking happiness

What is your happiness then? First we need to define what it means to use, without just staying with the dictionary answers, but really making sense and inquiring.

For some it is personal achievement and money, the others prefer life balance or purpose, evolution, healing, transcendence of trauma, something else? Notice the meaning what you have given to your ”happiness”? What associations have you included, are they all liberating or resisting? What bias or golden shadow you notice having?

None of us consciously tries to create suffering and still that often happens first, until we learned enough from the experience and realized a greater truth and received experiential wisdom of that.

I decided to continue the play with the topic that seemingly holds the belief-systems of us all.


We don’t seek happiness as it is conventionally understood. When transcending the conventional thoughts, integrating the mind and unconscious patters, you notice that true happiness is not self-generated by doing, being or even becoming.


Purpose is the first step of awakening towards deeper realizations, where you recognize being guided by your consciousness patterns all the time and it’s your consciousness that has a purpose for your individual being.

All personal experiences are ”gifts of the given”, meaning that deeper truths of life don't need seeking, while we do still ”seek” until the end of time, that is Spirit…


Happiness is always there, since its your true nature as Undivided Whole, awareness. You may experience happiness through your purpose and contributions with life too, but that is not all who you are. Happiness is ever-present, still and unchanging and your personal experience arises from the Undivided Whole and is constantly changing. So the happiness is not a stable state of being, not even under your control.


Human consciousness is a self-organizing system, and the main function of that, is to keep on sustaining the processes and reifying contents of consciousness and all this is also helpful to us. But this "ego", is still a relic of human consciousness evolution, which led us to communicate, create words, sentences, languages and forget that, this is what creates our mind structures, processes and also the confusions as well as resolutions. The same patterns that cause repetition and stuckness, also cause adaptation and change. But the the consciousness as systemic process is confused with personal experiences of life and the meaning we give to our experience, which might not be so helpful to us. Yet, we can be unaware how we, with these interpretations, are being played by our own consciousness which is always conditioned and contextualized.


Personal practice speeds up transcendence and inclusion. Later on, when we become aware of the automated awareness, which we grew up to witness and awakened to, is just big part of suffering at personal and organizational lives. This is why we need also a personal practice, not only Western ways up and out, but also towards in and down with meditation, inquiry and active inter relational play with symbols of consciousness to liberate ourselves from the underlying patterns and collective consciousness that runs our whole system, causing us to confuse individual personal experience to the "others and world". This confusion grows up consciousnesses, but also makes us to believe being separate beings, different to our "higher divine other", which is the perception of reality to dissolve to see reality as it really is and to dissolve the "concept of other" by becoming the other again and again and again.... We do too, that is what development and meaning making is, but we really have a long journey to go as humanity. I am not surprised why Carl Jung felt a failure by trying to communicate this deeply hidden truth. The best secrets of humanity are unknown to even ourselves.

We experience the reality within according to the collective(s) which we have internalized. At concrete tier (O'Fallon) this means people, at subtle tier it is context and at metaware tier it is consciousness. Do you see? People and consciousness are not the same thing and yet they are, but it is up to our own realization how we realize the difference and the ultimate source of suffering (objectified reality). After integrating 3 collective consciousnesses, we can transcend the ego and the dilemmas related to self.


When we see how the illusions of the mind (belief-systems, projections, objectified reality), turn to real reality and become potentially a risk of mental well-being and happiness, which can never be found in what we seek in our lives, we can see the other side of the happiness. It is present awareness, comfort or discomfort turns stillness in daily life and predictability is intuitive, self-seen and self-realized truth (incomplete just like everything.)

That’s when you realize that the whole consciousness is a repetitive simulation of its own memories and processes and none of the thoughts are even yours.


Letting go of mind and belief-systems of the ego is easy when you notice how much time it takes to try to figure things out, how everything comes looping back to you and how nothing changes and eventually nothing works anymore. When nothing works, it means, you need to find a different direction to look, usually inside, rather than out, because it was the so called perception of outer reality that showed us this.


All this looping awareness talks to me about human condition and the unconscious ignorance of how we are seeming to be wise and prefer conscious choices, while the wiser consciousness is collectively transcended and included, which requires practice from all. As awareness we are boundless and free to just watch the movie projected to our own mind based playground with ability to choose whether respond or not.


These videos might be interesting addition to this:


When curious to practice self, create or dissolve meaning with mutual inquiry or play online. You could take a look at this:

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