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The source of true joy and happiness

The whole year has been full of news of suffering and bias at Western world who is seeing life as conscious choice of more and more and more… This self-objectification with outer objects, is part of the collective global problems, which are not addressed sustainably yet. That is why I want to turn the relationship to the concept of self and wholeness 360 degrees to show you something.


The Whole Self (see the mandala below), is not the sign of perfection and completion if associating that to subtle context and meaning. The Subtle ideal of conscious self-created life is an illusion. And yet there is even greater perspective on that, where the same sentence is true again.


The real wholeness is beyond the material self-created finite perspectives, which do not yet identify those self-created realities which have already owned their projections of the” outer objects and beliefs” of belief of exterior objective reality. There is no object without subject who sees it or objective reality.


This is the integration and reality shift that happens throughout the whole collective context of 4th and 5th person. To show you part of the re-reflection practice to that direction, I want to show you what this might mean as meditative life practice and how your theory of self (own belief), becomes practice, where you practice theory of your self and dissolve the self from now and/or forever for the liberation from suffering.

Image: How are you appearing to be in your own perception of reality?

The mandala relates to practice Awakening Wholeness online programs and reconstruction of projected realities.


To wish you happy and joyful new year, I want to leave you with how to engage dissolution of present awareness for collective well-being and happiness for all.


5 steps of inner eye to witness within conscious awareness before re(action).


From experience I know that people usually must hit their heads to the sealing a few times to learn. I don’t mean learning from stupidity, but learning in general requires “awareness of” first.

1. Notice that something is going on and give enough value to that recognition to become curious.

2. Then experience the feeling received, also uncomfortable ones to give yourself space to

3. notice perception created by your mind from that. This beginning part of the dissolution is important and a lost case, if the feeling pushes you to escape the situation and bypass the later steps of the more aware creation of wise experience. This is practice. Ok, let that perception go, if you don’t want to let the unrealized phenomena take over your self-system like the old truths, projections, and beliefs, which you already know are not helpful. This may take shadow work or just quick realization of the reflection.

4. Then re-create the more suitable mental construct for the sake of acting to that in the visible world, potentially at a later moment.

5. And finally dissolving the whole previous event that entered your conscious awareness into the undivided whole, emptiness. Case closed…for the moment.


Dilemmas that show up this way are usually egoic resistance to experiencing pain and suffering and at the same time our own attempt to keep them away from experiences. That is a loop that repeats, if you don’t surrender to feel and experience what is present. Usually, it takes several experiences and time to dissolve ego and its symptoms and triggers completely. This takes patience and perseverance.

“That which is not integrated pops up repeatedly, just like the self from the undivided whole. You are not that which arises into your conscious awareness, you are the one who witnesses that. “


Engaging the playful practice within again and again and realizing where you end up then gives you awareness practice to all context in everyday life. By repeating this several times when something comes up, whether shadow or light, you process your whole being at the same time, bring both poles of consciousness closer together, potentially dissolve the experience completely to emptiness. Confusions, dilemmas, inquires, beliefs and projections, all objects, which are usually the obstacles of transcendence and evolution, become visible, processed, integrated, and transcended.



Benefits of presence awareness for the Whole Self


  • Health, clarity, and peace of mind to be a full participant in what is arising to your conscious awareness and creating from that.

  • Wise and timely decision making from present awareness, not from the unresolved past, which is usually present if not resolved.

  • Joy and unexplainable happiness of being show up, which does not need reasons and explanations,

  • Freedom of thought and creative capacities are liberated.

  • Noticing beauty withing and without becomes possible, and awareness of personal passion can show up.

  • Forgiveness to self is forgiving to all.

  • You also take personal responsibility of your own well-being without expecting for other people to carry your burdens and push them to their presence. Health of mind is not about outsourcing it to professionals but also noticing what you can learn to live with in your life. Mind based phenomena are not just your choice, it is also out of your influence on some extent. That is why, part of the daily practice is also to accept what is present in your awareness. That what is present, is workable in your awareness, starting from acceptance and allowing the space for the process to be and feeling the pain.

  • You play all the roles with your consciousness and hold everything and everyone lightly. You play yin and yang differentiating and integrating, realizing the wholeness through them and as them as undivided universe.

Undeniably all this influences your whole life and life of others around you and through you it shifts the reality of the humanity at large. If that kind of timeless outcomes are not meaningful to life of all also at leadership and work life contexts, then what is?


What you dissolve from self, you dissolve from the whole collective consciousness. Joy which is not realized through the dissolution of soul and Self unity, is still conditioned by your own collective consciousness and you are had by the thoughts and beliefs which are not yours, regardless of the stage.


Happy New Year and more Joyful Presence to all!!

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To start sustainable developmental practice and inquiry to re-own your objectified reality and the Whole Self, consider participation to Awakening Wholeness personal and group practice programs.

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