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Transforming an experience to bridge paradigms complementary ways

A few examples of complementary transformations to 4th dimension, while bridging 3rd to 4th with self-systemic wholeness.

Self-System Wholeness embraces the 1st person view on all 4 quadrants, re-framed continuously and all at once. This is your subjective view on what can be considered “everything”, while even Integral views have gaps and holes. As practice it’s still very challenging for the evolution towards genuine flow. While awareness grows, the perspectives change from subjective to objective to subjective to objective again and again… until you are done with subjectivity all together.

Self-System Wholeness paradigmatic approach teaches to take and use 1st person direct experience and update “who you think you are” repeatedly as momentary practice. This challenges your identities and allows you to own your individual freedom and collective responsibility as one.

The more your awareness grows and the further your evolution goes, the reflections and the re-framing of the self, happen faster, experience flows and eases, self-reflections turn to recognizing awareness and witnessing, transcending, and including…

You learn to assess what is relevant right now, use the self-other dialectical reflection process, reciprocal opening, building self-trust in the process while navigating uncertainty and not-knowing with advanced inquiry effortlessly over practice. This also teaches you to hold identities lightly and open for mutual interplay. What you learn to assess momentarily is, whether your experience is true or are you just fooling yourself with unawareness or ignorance, only you can learn to know how you know and what to learn from your being-ness.

While 3rd person sees and uses individual “either-or” approach and the 4th person uses the “both-and” approach, Self-System Wholeness bridges both and uses complementary approach vertically and horizontally integrating unintegrated parts while evolving as whole.

The Individual-collective balance is not a compromise, but a complementary relationship while both are transformed and both are always present, realized or not. If not, we miss out some of the “perceived data”, potentially available. This will always happen since paradigms also grow-up.

Effortlessness and wholeness are conscious principles, not laziness or lack of judgement, ethics, morals or missing out discernment. They are example of what the East teaches to the West.

Instead of avoiding “negative” experiences and resistance, learn from your resistance to feel and experience what really is here in this moment. Resistance is magic and transforms you.

Individual or personal practice brings realizations on how to facilitate the same in different contexts. It’s not the same as solo practice that does not include the collective views. For example, the Self-System Wholeness practice also helps to dissolve 4th person narcissism, (integration of the 2nd person hierarchy to 4th person holarchy and owning experience and framing), benefits of that come for all through you.

Personal insights, realizations and self-trust of own journey embodied ownership of own process, translate to understanding the collective experience as well and how to help the others rather than pushing the information to potential to clients or trying to transform the them. Advanced inner-evolvers don't need a push, but genuine unconditional love to really feel and experience who they think they are right now. The West has not had enough of that. And an evolutionary practice for the rest of their developmental journey, if they wish...

The culture change and shift in values is not good enough or sustainable to change underlying patterns and the adaptation of the history of human evolution, don’t fool yourself. Learn to assess your real state of being in the moment, not defined by objective assessments, or generally marketed belief-systems to receive embodied knowing and awareness to avoid pushing forward harmful systemic errors and collective suffering unconsciously. Responsibility is not done by waiting for the collectives to get on with it, instead the revolutionary ideas get started between you and me.

With continuous practice and leaning on heartfelt practicing, you don’t only realize how collective wisdom is generated, but you also teach yourself collective human virtues like humbleness, compassion, acceptance, unconditional love, understanding, presence, grace and learn to accept yourself, lessen self-judgement and forgive yourself to let go of the resistance on how the life flows through you.

Two introductions on the Individual paradigmatic practice. The shorter one, up is more about structure and this one says more basic navigation over the structure. Notice that you are not suppose to understand the actual practice from this introduction.

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