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What do you think you see out there?

To understand the hard problem of how we know.

To learn the looping mind pattern and how it is hooked up by its own pattern.

To realize the solutions beyond the Conscious Self. 

The tendency of the mind is to look outwards and seek solutions outside self. This can be used with wisdom and practice for the benefit of the meaning making and yet it takes time to realize what this really means in our experience in practice, also because of the very dilemma itself. We look for the answers from the wrong places.

The others are not better knowing. When you only look for answers to your inquiries through the eyes of the other people, without deep self-inquiry to reflect and realize how you know that you know, explain, and give your experience the words, no matter how difficult, daring to give words to your "expected truth" in the now, you don’t find the Conscious Self. All you find is the other people’s truth about their realized structures and realities and that can only point to the direction to look again.

The loop which you went through, did not give you proper answers, since your choice to look outside, is not the resolution within. It is just exchange of your old belief system to another belief-system, which still needs inquiry and realization. Nobody can teach you anything, they can only give you words and point you to see where to look and how. That is not your truth, but a new inquiry of Conscious Self.

Looping mind dilemma. If you want to heal this loop of falling to the past to find the future, you need to do the work in the presence awareness. The past and future are in the now. if you don't understand how to engage in inquiry, but look for the words and answers outside, you return to this same place again and experience the same inquiry repeatedly until you engage to reflection process with your higher self/Spirit and remove the golden shadows of the existing realized structures and realities in the moment. The answer is not " I don't know", but I am inquiring and experiencing to find out, without trying to bypass the pain of not-knowing. There are no real shortcuts to people on the way to transcendence of the whole self to experience embodied knowing. That only resolves the small self perhaps, not the whole yet.

The others are not the resolution. The others are not the knowers of your "realized truth", they are appearances of your objectified reality, and caress your distrust to know self and you over-appreciate the knowing of others. As you transform your appearances you transform your reality and the culture inside and out, which transforms your relationship to your reality and shows up at your reconstructed reality and as presence awareness, who is not the same as your past or the future, but not different from them either." This is Whole Self realization, surrendering to Undivided Whole through the form.

Trying to say, gain trust to your own ability to know, inquire and make sense of your experience to avoid bypassing like this and using every moment to teach yourself about that, which you inherently already know. It is only your memories, belief-systems and structures of current consciousness that prevent you from seeing with senses. Gaining experience is about creating your own "way of knowing", which is not just resolving your small self dilemmas like this case study, but also seeing through the eyes of your higher consciousness to gain clarity of your reality and reshape it. This is taking you to complete the inquiries.

You are your own knowledge and realization. Why is it that we are not accepting the only worthy belief? We rather find beliefs from outside, but do not see our own abilities. At first you dissolve the "contractions of self" to become what you are, awareness. Then you become your own knowledge, theory, and practice, practicing theory of your own embodied wisdom as Whole Self Consciousness. There is no other, only the Whole Self (universe). This is how the consciousness expresses itself from the totality, Whole Self, and undivided reality where "I and you" are not just each other’s projections but engage to co-creative universal dialectic to see through the process of inquiry, knowing and contraction. The self is a contraction of consciousness, consciousness is beyond the personal and collective experiences.

We don't see it since we are in it. This all talks about our inability to see the looping mind since we are in it. We need to see beyond fully to see how we fall back to our old habits, beliefs and try to avoid ego's contractions. This is how ego tries to help us with our good intentions in case of pain yet causing more pain in time.

Consciousness does not unite, it differentiates. It is individual choice to navigate back to unity, gain wisdom on the way to understand how and really let go of being a stranger to itself, embracing itself. It takes courage and surrendering to stand as consciousness, with your own knowing and wisdom and really engaging to play with life as life. This dilemma of knowing is what Awakening Wholeness Path and practice of meaning making is resolving at presence awareness. 

p.s see the some of the concepts from this image of trans-personal coaching and Awakening Wholeness Path Mandala:


The author: Kirsi Mäkinen, the inner alchemist creating foundations to Awakening Wholeness Path to liberate resistance to transcendence, realize the Whole Self and Undivided Reality. Read more from this site and start the practice from the free online course.

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