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The Well of Wisdom

Awakening Wholeness

Creative Wholeness
Life Practice

to liberate resistance to transcendence and
realizing the Whole Self

There is no “self” say the Eastern philosophies, but for the West there still is a “self”

and while having a self, there is a dilemma of the self.

While the self is a “self-constructed” form of egoic presence,

it is still a very functional part of the psyche that needs growing-up,

cleaning-up and showing-up to wake-up.

Yet, Awakened Wholeness is ever-present and always available to realize who you originally are.

Self-System Wholeness Approach is uniting all the 4 directions (grow-up, clean-up, show-up to wake-up) which is known by the Western philosopher Ken Wilber as transcend and include. This is a developmental approach to unite and unfold consciousness vertically and horizontally.


Transcending and including is not just a concept, it is at the core of human development and the unfolding of the self from child to adults, to middle life, to old age and not only as body or form, but also to individuate from our childhood family and trauma, to find our first identities as individual minds, to integrate the minds and become aware of the mind as a whole and yet to transcend the mind to understand the unknown of the unconscious side. In the end we dissolve the dilemma of the self completely. This practice is a long term orientation to life as awareness-based process ("Awakened Wholeness"), but also a momentary awakening to new realizations uniting states of being to stages of being.


And this is what we call a lifetime journey of self-transcendence or self-development which takes ego-development to its end. Practice is the unifying pattern of the whole consciousness and that is why it’s so transformational.

Awakening Whole Self

Who is this for

Creative Wholeness Life Practice is advanced developmental practice to 4th and the 5th person perspectives. You also need to be familiar with developmental theories of your choice. We use Ken Wilber's Integral Theory and Terry O'Fallon's Stages theory in the practice and the basic understanding of the both is required like the AQAL model and the stages of development. You will also need endless curiosity to unfold you interior experience and subjectivity to inquire and work with the dilemmas showing up, contents and processes to integrate, dissolve, play with or transcend repeatedly. We aim on flow and automating awareness processes while healing and integrating.

Creative Wholeness gives you a context, structure, universal principles of human evolution, processes that always show-up, guidance to find a place within to trust again and again and live your whole reality with the help of the practice. The teaching is moving from growing-up to waking up through cleaning-up and showing-up. We practice all 4 directions to unite the whole persona, consciousness or ego-development journey.

I teach Creative Wholeness Life Practice in all my online courses to international study groups on 3 to 10 month long cohort programs and to workplaces upon request. I offer local short courses physically in several education organizations in Finland. Join the mailing list, to receive more information or contact me.

awakened Wholeness mandala.png

My friend and inspirational teacher/originator of  the Diamond Model Nish Dubashia interviews me of my work with my mandalas, practices and approach to human development. In the video, I also go through more in detail the two of the mandalas on this page (go to 9.15min). You will find more of our dialogues  time to time from our mutual YouTube channel too. 

Mandala practice
To Bridge Our Interior and Exterior Worlds.

Creative Wholeness is two ways, making one

Yin goes inwards like a meditation. Yang reaches outwards like a contemplation. You as Creative Wholeness do both separately and together with wisdom that you have and upgrade your direct experience of life repeatedly, as endlessly evolving reflective, aware witness of your curiosities and wonder of life to dissolve dilemmas in the moment with inquiry, that grows to meditative and contemplative states, and as a practitioner of your own reality (life) in action, like a dancer becoming the dance.

Working with the mind as a tool

The mind is a tool to work with, reflect on, transcend (reaching out), and include (integrating) repeatedly to understand that all the identities we create in our minds, are really attempts to understand who I am.


We can’t help the endlessness of the evolution of the spirit (based on ego-development) to take our journey forward while us, individuals, participate to the practice with the unconsciousness. With all the powers of consciousness, a human being creates their reality, between the dance of yin and yang, self and other emergently.

Transcending and including continuously

You learn to put two things together while participating to the unfolding of your whole being, you as a practitioner become whole every time when there is flow of awareness between self and other and the mandala is dissolved. For this we have different kind kinds of practices to unite the whole being. The practice is focused on inter-intra dialogical relationship within self and with others and objective mirroring back to you, evolving 1st, 2nd, 3rd. person perspective evolution.

States of being grow up to stages of being and presence

This state practice grows your awareness up to stages of awareness and again back to states with the natural rules and laws of human evolution, known by the East for the thousands of years and by the Western cutting-edge science, the principles of the conscious universe, wholeness, who you originally are. See the video below to learn more of the states and stages.


This simple and yet complex dynamic is the core of Creative Wholeness Life Practice of presence and being…it’s all about life in the moment and realizing it.

Resolving the resistance to transcendence

Dissolution of an experience is about self related dilemmas. It has to do with the ego and shadow. Integration of our creativity in action and showing-up is about how a practitioner is able to let go of the SELF for the "other". The "We" transcends the "I". This happens within our consciousness but also with other people, meaning there is an intra-relationship and inter-relationship in this dilemma and yet it is always a question of our capacity to realize that all reflection is self-reflection between our interior and exterior parts of the psyche. When you blame the other, you actually just blame those parts of you which you don't yet know or see. They are in your shadow. This unawareness of the shadow self causes all the conflicts between people and their individually constructed worldviews.

You practice what you become

"The 3 dynamical skills of a Creative Wholeness Life Practice, Learning to dance to become the dance"

3 dynamical skills

Witnessing awareness,

Yang transcendence
Stages Theory:
Active .5 levels

Every new ego at active stages or a persona is a new awakening to wholeness of that persona and learns to self-reflect and see more than previous ones. This skill becomes automated when practiced and grows to conscious awareness and witnessing at deeper and deeper states and stages. This is a central "problem solving tool" within a self-system in any work or context. This is your active capacity to use the skills you have and actualize them in your reality.

Being & Presence,

Yin inclusion of the body-mind
Stages Theory:
Passive .0 levels

A core sign of development and awareness relates to how we are being and what is our present ability to sustain the pressure and interior conflicts, transcend the self, and answer from a peaceful place within and be resilient and recover from the experiences in the complex, uncertain life contexts. This skill is like a self-assessment of listening, a mirror in moment to inform you what to practice and work on next and how that is going. This is the learning phase of a stage and states to experience.

Conscious Creative Problem Solving

Practitioner's application Creative Wholeness, yin and yang on life

Effortless doing from being and complex resolution of dilemmas is based on our awareness to resolve ourselves first. To see the subjectivity (yin) in all objectivity (yang) as equally important and the wholeness as relational dynamic (yin&yang) unfolding reality. This grows-up as we clean-up the dysfunctions and shadows within our self-system and show-up as "role-models" for the others. This emergent momentary process takes the evolution of whole persona (active+passive) forward and resolves the dilemmas arising.

An experiential system to recognize self is whole, SELF

"When everything and everyone is Self, there is no "you" and the self and no-self unite. This is whole(ness). You become what you practice, like a meditator becomes the meditation and embodies the flow of being a process awareness.


Psyche is real, your body-mind system orients to what is initiated and aspired and what is not. Notice the power of your meaning-creation here. This is why conscious awareness practice is important for realizing how powerful you really are and to use it and be it consciously to diminish the personal and collective harm caused by our collective unconscious patterns.


I don't define your direction, purpose, or chose your outcomes.  You do all that as a conscious self-organizing universe, learning and embodying to be and play with principles of all of life, identifying patterns and realizing essential momentary actions arising from the wisdom learned and just letting go of it all, surrendering for whole beyond you and appreciating whole of you and all.

This whole being orientation practice of life invites you to inquire e.g what is creative collectively wise action, how do I know what I know and what is wise, how do feeling-thinking-behaviour patter reunites and regenerates new experiences and realizations repeatedly, allowing you to be the curious subject of your own consciousness/environment. How am I destructive to myself and my environment, what kind of destructive patterns am I potentially not aware of yet. Creation and destruction are poles of the same collective whole and also hold the creative power of conscious-unconscious dynamics which always play out, while individual can be unaware of all this. This also raises ethical, ecological, moral inquiries related responsible humanity and what is our own and our other's responsibility of the psychic phenomena and impact of all that for the evolutionary whole of life.

This creative consciousness practice is also offering a timeless context to start individuation (Jung) process and also completing it by transcending the ego's resistance completely when meeting and integrating the "True Self, noticing that eventually it is never fully reached. To Jung this is the realization of the totality of psyche (conscious+unconscious), the SELF. In that there is surrendering to your "divine other" and the recognition that this whole journey is not really about you at all, it's about appreciation of incompleteness of being-becoming a continues process, awareness and a new inquiry relating to everyone and everything from this moment. There is no "you/self", no object to follow, resolve or unfold. Everything is already here from the beginning with, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go. Realization process of what is the true nature of whole humanness is just a narrative you tell yourself by creating and dissolving the meaning and meaninglessness through your life. As Jung put it, a man cannot stand a meaningless life. Most of us need practice to realize the reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. In this sense awakening to wholeness is simple, remove the obstacles of your current perception repeatedly and eventually you will end up to experience who and what you originally are, aware presence, and whole."

Kirsi Mäkinen

The Founder / Creator of Self-System Wholeness Approach and Creative Wholeness Life Practice

Rock Maze

Growing Up Self-Inquiry At 4 Stages

Practice Dissolving Yourself First

What to learn:

  • Discover, what might you not know about yourself, and your meaning making?

  • What 4 directions of practice are necessary for dissolving the resistance to transcendence and consciousness transformation.

  • What one dilemma can transform all relationships of you, the others and the whole humanity when integrated?

  • Practice growing up your individual perspectival self, while noticing how your wholeness also evolves the same time through the systemic interpenetrated reflection practice at 4 stages of inquiry, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5

About 1 to 1,5 hours of material.
Videos 33 min.
The course assumes that you have stage-awareness already.

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