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Self-System Wholeness
Workshops and leadership development

Self-System Wholeness Approach to leadership, team, and organizational transformation through individual presence.

Orientation to operate at present time embody whole potential, be and act responsibly as aware organizational instruments

Self-System Wholeness transforms the direct experiences, through the eyes of the individual presence. This changes perceptions and reality continuously and

increases development of inexhaustibly evolving skills that together allow

the evolution of wisdom.

The Western organizations already have a lot of knowledge and intellect of the mind, but what is missing is evolutionary wisdom and presence to create from the complex, uncertain and unknown new context where the Western organizations often operate. This is why we need to embrace co-generation of wisdom skills, which is embodied through individual presence.

Why do we need wisdom?

Wisdom is a co-generated and evolving realization that includes internal and external depth recognitions, with more perspective and perceptions of actual reality than unexamined decisions based on past or future without deconstruction of present time. Here are few examples of wisdom skills that always grow with Self-System Wholeness practice:


  • Self-other reflection skills that grow up with curiosity to explore, understand and brings inside and outside together to allow the embodied transformation.

  • Liberated Presence in the moment, is continuous practice and a sign of flow.

  • Awareness of awareness, which is needed to wisdom development and noticing constraints, which are systemic dysfunctions.

  • Conscious problems solving skills, to resolve yourself always first.

  • Witnessing and wonder of life to let go and be one with your whole presence.

Shifting collective context through more conscious individual contribution

You can learn to assess your own, but also team, or organizational state of being with qualitative, structured process in the moment through your presence and those revelations are always work able without need for numbers to prove it. This is also self-coaching or self-consulting and always available for practitioners without extra costs.

Creative Wholeness Life Practice is a continuous self-assessment of

your current state of being when navigating the principles of your reality, becoming one with it by participating to the realization process repeatedly.

This brings your individual purpose and contribution in life together with organizations who you work with and facilitates organizational transformation towards more agile, flow of life through individuals. You are the full integrated body-mind, giving birth to the life that pores through your presence. This is the personally embodied wisdom for all change makers regardless the context you use it with because you are the context.

Self-System wholeness Approach unifies the whole organizational experience synergizing and synthesizing potential contractions and constraints,

allowing the flow of knowledge, information, and creativity to arise into conscious awareness for the further discovery or resolution.


It also gives tools to lead, create, resolve and re-frame the strategies, operations, processes, or personal work with collective intelligence and brings all the parts of the organization together as one. While you become one with your reality, your reality transforms you.

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Kirsi Mäkinen is the founder of Self System Wholeness Coaching, Facilitation and Problem Solving Approach .

Ask more of team and organizational learning processes, workshops, and leadership transformation programs to start bridging time between the old ways of being, knowing and doing and transition to more flexible working and relating through individual presence.

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